For researchers

In addition to the sections for people who are searching for a rehab, or who are unhappy with the services they received from Narconon, we also have information that will be of interest to lawyers, journalists, government officials, or academic or casual researchers.

Narconon Documentation
Our Narconon documentation is the primary focal point of this site. We feel it will be of interest to all three classes of visitors we serve – potential clients, former clients, and researchers. To help you understand how we classify our documents, we have created the Narconon Documentation page, with a description of all of our types of documents. It explains each category, and how to access our different types of documents.

Open Records Requests
Because we (and others) have acquired so many of our documents through Open Records Requests, we have learned quite a bit about the process. However, we realize that the procedure, and even the concept, of Open Records Requests may be new to some people, as it was to us at one time. We found a lot of information specific to making requests, but not much of an introduction to the concept, so we have created a beginner’s page, a primer of sorts, about Open Records Requests. We hope this page will get you started, and as you become familiar with this process, you will acquire your own documents relating to Narconon. Please consider contributing them to this site, or at the very least, make them available to others on the internet.

Links for Researchers
In researching for this site, we have collected some links that were helpful to us in getting a grasp on the subjects of addiction, Narconon, different forms of treatment, and recovery. Our Links for Researchers page is just that, very little dissertation, but a lot of links. In time, we may add to this page as we run across new links we think will be of value.

Anything we’ve missed?
If there is anything you think we’ve missed, or something that would add value to our Researchers section, please contact us and let us know.