How Narconon Drug Education is a Form of Scientology Indoctrination

By Lucas Catton, former President of Narconon Arrowhead

The Narconon drug education and prevention program is a series of lectures developed by Bobby Wiggins based almost entirely on information from L. Ron Hubbard. I trained directly with Wiggins in Boston before he went out to Narconon International in Los Angeles, and then I established a permanent drug education department at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma.

Wiggins and other Narconon drug education speakers all believe that they are doing good and really helping kids stay off drugs, as did I when I was involved. The biggest problem is that they are passing along untruthful information created by L. Ron Hubbard, opening the door to further Scientology indoctrination by doing so. What may start out as being innocent on behalf of the recent Narconon graduate-turned “prevention specialist” can wind up damaging a young mind for a lifetime, and most of these presenters are not fully aware of either the history of Scientology or what goes on in the upper levels of the church.

The kids do enjoy the presentations because most of the speakers are entertaining and there is much more interaction with them to create a lasting impression. However, in Wiggins’ “hat write-up”, which became the training manual for the Narconon drug education lecturer course, he wrote to end of the lecture with an acknowledgment to L. Ron Hubbard. Obviously most kids don’t know who that is, so it leaves them curious, and at the very least plants a seed in their heads with a positive experience for if/when they hear the name in the future.

Here are the main components in the various presentations that are based wholly on Hubbard’s writings:

  • “Definition of drugs and explanation of drugs in the body” – based on Clear Body, Clear Mind and not fully substantiated by any source not connected to Scientology in some way. Talks about the Scientology Purification Rundown/ Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.
  • “Drugs and the mind” is based on information from Dianetics 55. Talks about the “time track” described by Hubbard and mental image pictures.
  • “Drugs and emotions” is based on Hubbard’s Tone Scale, which is a completely arbitrary numbered list of feelings and emotions laid out by him based purely on his own opinion and passed off as fact. Drug education presenters are thoroughly drilled on this Tone Scale and have to practice “mocking up” these emotions in something called Mood Drills.

There are more that I’m missing, I’m sure, but these stand out the most for me.

There are versions of Wiggins’ hat write-up online, which I can verify as being real, having read and done the first course myself back in 2000. I’m sure more information has been added, and maybe even Narconon International has tried to make it look like it comes from Narconon rather than Scientology, but the hat write-up itself even states a list of 15 different L. Ron Hubbard references that these talks are based on. Fifteen!

The entire impetus behind Narconon’s activities is based on Dianetics and Scientology. Their goal is to “Clear the planet”, which means turn everyone into a Scientologist. This cannot be denied, especially since so many of their promotional materials and events talk about “Planetary Clearing”. Every effort and activity connected to this group, despite the initial intentions of the individuals who may be involved, is geared toward turning others into Scientologists. Dedicated Scientologists are taught to believe that everything Hubbard said or wrote is true, and than anyone or anything that contradicts him must be wrong. There is no simple good will of the group, as individual good will and help is then perverted into figuring out how they can profit from the activities through PR stunts and converting people into new members. There are many well-intentioned Narconon staff members forwarding this agenda unknowingly by their actions, including the rehabilitation programs itself as well as the subtle indoctrination of school children through drug education.

For information about Narconon giving their drug education program in schools, see Narconon in the Schools.

For more information about the drug rehab portion of Narconon, read The Narconon Program by Eric Tenorio, former Executive Director of Narconon Freedom Center.