Narconon Information

This section of the Narconon Reviews site will give you information specific to Narconon as a whole, as well as each individual Narconon center. If you’re looking for ways to choose a different rehab, there are tips in our How to Choose a Drug or Alcohol Rehab section.

The Narconon Program
Our page about the Narconon Program will give you a closer look at what the Narconon program entails. On this page written by former Narconon insider Eric Tenorio, we dig deeper into the program, step by step, than what Narconon itself will disclose on any of their websites, in their pamphlets, or during their phone consultations. These things are common to all Narconons, and provides a good introduction to Narconon’s methods and course materials. Find out what you’ll be getting for your money when you sign up for Narconon’s Drug Rehabilitation.

Narconon Drug Education
Narconon offers “Drug Education” through all of its centers, some of which do not function as actual rehab centers, but exist purely to promote Narconon. Quite often, Narconon tries to offer their Drug Education in schools, to local sheriff’s departments, to civic organizations, or anywhere else that will allow them. Lucas Catton, former President of Narconon Arrowhead and now critic of Narconon, gives you the lowdown on Narconon Drug Education and prevention program – what it is, how it evolved, and what its actual value is.

Narconon Documentation
Narconon will not offer much, if any, documentation on itself, but we will, and we do! We strongly believe in documentation of extraordinary claims, and have collected all we can in order to give you a closer look at Narconon before you sign on the dotted lines. Our Narconon Documentation page is an introduction to our various types of documented information with links to each specific type by location. Whether you want to find out more about a specific Narconon location, or get an overview based on documentation type, we have something for you. If you want more information than what you will get from a salesman (everyone should, no matter what you’re buying!), this is a must see collection of documents.

Unbranded Narconons, or Narconon Clones
We feel it is important to mention that the executives at Narconon realize that the name is becoming well-known in a negative way, and therefore, they are beginning to establish rehab centers which do not use “Narconon” in the name, although they use the same methods and program materials as the official Narconons. Throughout this site, we have referred to them as “unbranded Narconons” or “Narconon clones”. Another appropriate name might be “Narconons In Hiding.”

To create a list of all of these is difficult, if not impossible; however, as we’ve become reasonably certain that specific facilities fall into this category, we have added information for them. The most notorious of these are Best Drug Rehab and A Forever Recovery, and the affiliated facility, Tranquility Detox. If you think you know of a facility that meets this description that we haven’t included, please contact us. We will investigate, and include it after confirmation.