Consumer Organizations

There are several ways you can make consumer complaints about your experience at Narconon or other drug rehab programs. The most important way is by reporting your complaint to one of the agencies listed on our Government Agencies page. However, there are still more resources at your fingertips, which we’ve outlined below. When making a complaint, it is important to stick strictly to the facts, and explain in a calm and rational manner.

Consumer Advocacy Groups
The National Consumer League’s accepts and processes reports about attempts to defraud consumers on the telephone or the Internet, relays the reports to the appropriate federal, state or local law enforcement agencies, and transmits them to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel complaint database and the National Association of Attorneys General. If you or a loved one attended Narconon based on information found on the internet or given to you on the phone, this would be an appropriate organization to report to.

When one thinks of consumer organizations, the Better Business Bureau usually springs to mind. However, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website states that they do not help with workplace disputes, discrimination claims, matters litigated, and claims about the quality of health or legal services, so this organization is not equipped to handle your complaint regarding any drug treatment or health related services. Despite what many people think, the BBB is not a government organization; it is privately owned. In addition, their primary investigation involves only whether or not the business responds to the consumer, not whether the consumer is satisfied with the response. Some of the Narconons are members of the BBB, and are shown with good ratings, despite their reputations elsewhere. There have been allegations that BBB members receive preferential ratings and that the businesses they accept as members are not checked out well enough. Time Magazine raises some good points in their article, Why the Better Business Bureau Should Give Itself a Bad Grade. So while we wouldn’t discourage you from reporting to them, we think there are better places to send complaints.

Consumer and Investigative Reporters

Almost every local television station has at least one consumer or investigative reporter, if not more, and many locales have more than one local broadcast television station. These reporters often bring stories to the public that they would not have heard of otherwise. In addition, if your complaints with government agencies have failed to produce results, sometimes there’s nothing like a little pressure from the media to get their attention. The investigative consumer reporters like nothing better than a good government corruption angle, if such exists. Most local stations have sister stations in other areas, and a national network that might pick up the story if it is sufficiently interesting, as well.

Good luck in making your story heard! As more and more people are turning to the internet to do research before doing business, we also have a page that covers ways to make your story heard, round the world, on the internet: “Add Your Voice to the Internet Community“.