Making Complaints about your Drug Rehab Experience

When we have a legitimate gripe, when we’ve been wronged in some way, there is nothing wrong with complaining! The problem is that most complaining is only complaining, without having any impact or resolution, just blowing off steam, which does make us feel better, but does little else.

But what if you could complain and not only make yourself feel better, but also improve things for other people, and yourself, at the same time? We hope this section of the site will help you do just that!

Caution: if you have a lawsuit against Narconon, or are considering filing a lawsuit, you should ask your attorney’s advice before you post any information related to your case on the internet or in public elsewhere. If you are considering a lawsuit against Narconon, we have a list of attorneys who have sued Narconon in the past, and are familiar with the issues involved.

Reasons to Complain
Complaints made to your family and friends often make you feel better for a short time, but complaints to people who can take action will help you to feel that you haven’t suffered in vain. Well-placed complaints can:

  • Prevent harm to others by informing the public
  • Introduce changes in laws by making government officials aware of your experience
  • Increase regulation over licensed facilities
  • Assist the facilities themselves in monitoring and improving their quality of care
  • Call attention to consumer fraud and ripoffs
  • Bring increased scrutiny to these types of businesses
  • Help you to get a refund for the services you paid for and didn’t receive
  • In the case of egregious violations, complaints can even get the facility shut down!

Ok, so how do you make these effective and momentous complaints? You make them to the right people in the right way. In the pages that follow, we will explain how to do this.

Writing Your Complaint
If you spend the time to write complaints, you will want them to be more than a method of venting your frustrations, you want them to get action. Writing Your Complaint will give you information about how to write an effective complaint letter – what to include, and just as importantly, what to exclude.

Your Health Plan
If you have benefits/coverage for drug treatment through your Health Plan, you can make a complaint with them about the care (or lack thereof) you received from any participating provider or facility and/or any instances of healthcare fraud, waste and abuse.

On the other hand, if you have coverage through a government plan (Medicaid or Medicare), you can complain about any provider or facility, regardless of their participation in a plan’s network.

Contact your Health Plan’s customer service department or fraud hotline to lodge your complaint.

Government Agencies
Depending on the type of complaints you have, there may be several government agencies who would be appropriate recipients for your complaints. We give you a list of some of these agencies and a synopsis of the types of complaints they handle, on our Government Agencies page. We also suggest some agencies for you to contact on a local level.

Consumer Agencies and Organizations
There are organizations who specialize in consumer advocacy and consumer fraud, some of which are operated by the government, which are included on our Government Agencies page, and some by non-government organizations. Our Consumer Organizations page gives you links to the non-government organizations.

Internet Community
The internet is a big place where people have formed communities around topics of interest, not so much different than those in your own local community. The difference is that the internet has worldwide reach, and people can move in and out of communities depending on their needs and interests at the moment. This is not limited to hobbies and business; there are also communities that specialize in complaints, and in the field of rehab and addiction. We point you to some of these communities where you can make your voice heard and get the word out to others and prevent them from having a bad experience at Narconon or elsewhere. Visit our page, Add Your Voice to the Internet Community for links and information about the internet community.