Getting a Refund from Narconon

Some people have a better possibility than others of getting a refund. It depends on several criteria:

  • How long has it been since the person attended Narconon?
  • What did the contract with Narconon say?
  • Did you keep good records of any transactions and communications?
  • How long was the person at Narconon? Did they complete the program?
  • Have you conveyed the urgency of a refund to Narconon?
  • Are you willing to make public complaints about Narconon?

There is some evidence that making complaints, and making those complaints known, can result in a refund when you might not have gotten one otherwise.

Attempting to get a refund from Narconon directly would be preferable to taking legal action, and we offer you the following advice from a former high-ranking staff member of Narconon. However, if you find that Narconon will not refund your money and you are considering suing Narconon, we have a list of experienced attorneys who you might want to contact for their advice or help. Much of the advice below will also be helpful in the event you should decide to file a lawsuit against Narconon.

Getting your money back from Narconon
by Eric Tenorio, former Executive Director of Narconon Freedom Center

If you are reading this section, things probably haven’t gone too well for you or your loved one. Despite what they tell you about not being eligible for a refund, please know that more than likely you are. Many people have successfully received money back from Narconon after leaving early or being dismissed. If you have completed the program your chances of getting any money back are slim to none because the services were rendered. The only exception to that would be if some sort of abuse occurred while on the program. There are many cases of this occurring, so don’t discount this. The smartest thing to do is KEEP DETAILED RECORDS of phone calls, credit card bills, promises made, people talked to, time spent on the program, and all contracts signed by the client and the family. Rules governing the validity of contracts vary state to state so the first course of action is to get legal counsel. It may be another expense, but if you are looking at getting a lot of money back, it is money well spent.

Narconon keeps track of all legal suits against them on a local and International level. Their view is that they would rather settle than spend the man hours and money in court. Courts at the local level are becoming less and less sympathetic to Narconon as there is generally a large number of the same types of cases in the court’s jurisdiction. Courts are simply getting sick and tired of the scam. This generally works in your favor. An internet search of lawyers who have handled Narconon cases in your area will turn up ones that have the necessary experience. This is very important as an inexperienced attorney will spend lots of time just trying to understand the language and methods of the program. Trust me, this is intentional on their part. There are many examples of how Scientology tries to manipulate the legal system to tie up lawyers and exhaust plaintiffs into dropping their cases. This is why the detailed records are so important.

Ultimately, you have to decide what is right for you, when trying to get money back. Be prepared and persist and you will succeed.