For former clients

Many people who have attended the Narconon Sauna Detox and Drug Rehabilitation program have not been happy with the services they received. Some may feel cheated, or have emotional repercussions from the experience. Many would like a refund of the money they paid for the program, either for themselves or for someone else. Others would like to complain to someone who will listen or take action, in the hopes of preventing others from a similar experience. And some may just want to discuss their experience with people who are familiar with Narconon, its methods, and its tactics. There may be several things you want to address. If any of these scenarios describe you, read on.

Emotional issues
You may have some emotional issues that stem from your experience with Narconon. After Narconon, what next? will help you determine if you’re experiencing a stress disorder. We give you links to well-respected information that will help you understand these types of disorders and where to get assistance with them.

Getting a Refund
Getting a Refund from Narconon includes tips from the former Executive Director of Narconon Freedom Center, Eric Tenorio, and will help you to evaluate your chances of getting a refund from Narconon.

Making Complaints Where They Matter
You may feel taken advantage of, and may want to prevent others from going through a similar experience. The Making Complaints about your Drug Rehab Experience section offers you resources and links for making complaints with government agencies, consumer advocate services, and on the internet. These pages include tips to more effectively register your dissatisfaction where it will count. It may give you a sense of empowerment or satisfaction to do this.

Discuss Your Experience
If you can put your experience at Narconon behind you and move on, we applaud you. However, we’ve been told that sometimes people continue to dwell on their experience and cannot move forward. You may have questions about some of your experiences, or want to find out if others feel the same way. Or, you may just want to vent. For you, we recommend the Reaching for the Tipping Point forum with friendly and caring members who are knowledgeable about Narconon – former Narconon clients, former Narconon staff, and longtime Narconon researchers. Give it a try if you want to talk.

Please Take the Narconon Survey
Some of our information on this site comes from the independent Narconon Survey conducted by the Downtown Independent Research Team. If you’ve been to Narconon, please take the survey so we can expand our information. You may have important information, and your personal details will not be published. If you’d like to see how the information you provide will be presented, have a look at our Narconon Survey Responses. You can also choose to keep your responses private and only used for aggregating statistics.

Anything Else?
We’ve tried to cover most situations that affect former clients of Narconon, but if you have a question or a need that’s not answered on this site, feel free to contact us. We’re not miracle workers, but we will do our best to help you find the resources you need.