Police Log, Narconon Colorado, December 15, 2014

Narconon Location(s): Narconon Colorado - A Life Worth Saving
Agency Name: Fort Collins Police Department
Agency Type: Local Law Enforcement
Record Type(s): detail logs
Incident Date: December 15, 2014


Someone called the police from Narconon Colorado. On call back, a busy signal or no answer was received. A police officer was dispatched and the call was determined to be a likely misdial. Interestingly, the police report mentions that phone time at Narconon is monitored.

Note: For information about the police codes used in the documents listed below, see Police Communication Codes (open in new window).

Local Link to Record: http://narcononreviews.net/documents/public_safety_doc/PublicSafety-Colorado-ALifeWorthSaving-2014-12-15-FortCollinsPolice.pdf

Alternate Link to Record: https://www.muckrock.com/foi/fort-collins-5829/fort-collins-police-records-on-narconon-colorado-scientology-drug-rehab-17685/#comm-157186