Wickstrom’s A Forever Recovery -26 hospitalized -Faulty Furnace causes Carbon Monoxide Leak

We were alerted tonight that 26 residents and staff of the unbranded Narconon program, A Forever Recovery in Battle Creek, MI, were hospitalized Wednesday morning with Carbon Monoxide poisoning effects due to a leak from a faulty furnace.

For this very reason, homes or building with fuel-fired heating systems should have carbon monoxide detectors. However. it’s not certain if such existed at the facility and if the the state facility licensing agency or local regulation requires these programs to have such detectors. Our investigation is continuing.

These Narconon programs are bad enough without faulty furnaces to sicken patients!

According to several reports, Battle Creek firefighters had responded to a report of a patient suffering from seizures at A Forever Recovery, 163 North Avenue. When they arrived around 7:30am, the firefighters approached the entrance, their carbon monoxide monitors sounded, and an evacuation of all occupants began.

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer :

“Residents and staff were evacuated to a nearby building and after several people reported experiencing headaches 16 were taken by staff and Lifecare Ambulance to the hospital. Another 10 came to the hospital through the day. Firefighters and staff had immediately begun opening doors and windows and using fans to clear the air and it was lowered to the acceptable range. Twenty-four of the people were treated and later released and two were still at the hospital about 5 p.m.

That faulty furnace leak resulted in Carbon Monoxide readings nearly 8X the acceptable levels for humans.

These unbranded Narconon programs are bad enough, without faulty furnaces to sicken patients!

Our thoughts are with the affected patients and staff of A FOREVER RECOVERY, owned and operated by former Narconon Stone Hawk owner and high level scientologist, Per Wickstrom, along with his sister Pamela Anderson. TIA CORP is the last known landlord and property owner.  Per Wickstrom is the sole executive and shareholder of TIA CORP.

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