Weekend Narconon News Roundup #7

No Narconon in Hockley!
We’re pleased to report this week that there will be no Narconon in Hockley.

Residents: We Won!

Residents: We Won!

We first told readers about the community’s effort in our Weekend Narconon News Roundup #2, back on August 3. We expanded our coverage in a dedicated article, Hockley Valley Narconon Opposition Growing, after the movement had picked up more steam.

On September 2, in an article in the Toronto Star, Narconon meets fierce opposition in Hockley Valley, reporter Rachel Mendleson told a more in-depth story about the residents and their opposition to Narconon, to a larger audience than we could reach.

Apparently it reached the right person, because the following day, September 3, this Community Announcement was posted to the residents’ No Narconon in Hockley Facebook page:

It is with great excitement that we share the proposed Narconon site has been purchased by a local Hockley family. With the very generous assistance of neighbour and realtor (Grant Hilborn) the offer was accepted. The property will be rented by some of the Blenkarn family for the next year and the new owner will continue the tree farm operation.

Narconon came back with a counter offer, however, it was important to the Benkarn’s that the property to go to a “community friendly” buyer and thankfully they did not accept.

It is important to note that Narconon is not likely to give up pursuing properties in this area. With the Hockley Highlands in close proximity they will likely re-emerge again elsewhere in our community. In the Toronto Star article Clark Carr stated that “this was one of the properties they were considering”. It is important to continue our efforts to prevent this from happening. Perhaps we need to focus our efforts on lobbying for a pro-active provincial ban as they have done in Quebec.

I would like to leave you all tonight by saying that Knights in shining armor & Heroes do live outside of fairy tales. They also live in Hockley Valley. 🙂

On behalf of the community – thank you to the Heroes of Hockley!

The neighbors have been doing their homework, and we at Narconon Reviews will fully support them and offer any help we can, if they decide to continue their efforts by lobbying for a provincial ban, as mentioned in the quote above. The good news was covered more formally by Brad Pritchard on simco.com the following day.

Evanston Insurance Company’s Lawsuit
Last week, we told you about Narconon’s Recurring Insurance Nightmare, and the lawsuit filed for a declaratory judgement by Evanston Insurance Company, after they discovered they’d been deliberately deceived:

Narconon made the misrepresentations with the actual intent to deceive, and those representations materially affected the acceptance of the risk and hazard assumed by Evanston.

The story was covered 3 days later by Law360, a website that helps lawyers and others interested in major legal developments to keep up with what’s going on. In their story, Insurer Says It Was Tricked Into Covering Scientology Clinic, Law360 brought out a factoid we had overlooked in our excitement over Evanston directly calling out Narconon for deliberate deception (which we call FRAUD):

According to the complaint, Narconon’s premium finance company, IPFS Corp., canceled its policy for Narconon’s nonpayment of premiums as of June 21, 2013.

According to their site, Imperial PFS “provides a short term loan for businesses and individuals to use specifically to pay for property and casualty insurance coverage.” If this is indicative of Narconon’s financial state, we think anyone who wants to file a lawsuit against Narconon should do so quickly, although we imagine there’s plenty of money in the coffers of the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), Religious Technology Center (RTC), as well as in bank accounts and investments held personally by David Miscavige, the “Ecclesiastical Leader of Scientology”. There’s plenty of proof that it all goes back to the top, and David Miscavige is the top, as a formal declaration from Marty Rathbun (a former high-ranking official of the “Church”) spells out.

We’re happy that a lot of lawyers are now better informed about Narconon, ABLE, RTC, and Scientology, and the whole deceitful nature of these organizations.

Tony Ortega also covered the Evanston Insurance story, and gave us a nice shoutout for breaking the story. Appreciate it, Tony!

We’re not going to comment on the Western World Insurance lawsuit that Tony discusses, because we’re not sure it’s going anywhere. The Desmond case is settled, and it’s not coming back, so maybe Western World needs to start a new lawsuit against Narconon to get their money back, since Narconon is the one who wronged them.

That’s all we have for this week, although we’re sure we must have missed something. Add any reminders, tips, or ideas for investigations in the comments section below , or send them through our email form – be sure to let us know if your tip is not for publication yet.

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