Weekend Narconon News Roundup #4

Narconon Reviews has been live online for one month now, so to start off this week’s news roundup, we’ll begin by sharing some of our stats. Thanks to help from other people to make the site known, over the past month, Narconon Reviews has reached people:

  • On 6 continents
  • In 31 countries
  • In 49 states of the U.S., with Iowa being the only state that hasn’t visited
  • In Washington D.C.
  • In 755 cities around the world

We think this is pretty good for the first month, but the irony of us sounding a bit like the “Church” of Scientology when we brag about our stats is not lost on us. We filter out the search engines, website scrapers, spammers, and malicious bots from our stats, so these are real visits by real people, not some phoney puffed up stats like theirs. But we can do better, and we will. Somebody, please! Try to reach Iowa!

Suppressa Pallooza Tour
The SP Tour is about to wrap up, and we welcome the guys back home to the internet from their journey. Take a breather, Colin, David, and Bert – you’ve earned it! We look forward to seeing the final version of Bert Leahy’s documentary video, but meanwhile, here’s a teaser of David Love’s interview with a pharmaceutical medical director about the medical dangers inside Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon; and some views on the policies and mindset of Narconon (and Scientology) that they apply against the medical industry.

Ronald J. Corona, Jr.
August 13 was the first year anniversary of Ron Corona, Jr.’s death. He was an employee of Narconon of Georgia when he died last year under mysterious circumstances. We summarized all of the facts we have surrounding Ron Corona’s unusual death, and called for anyone who has more information to please bring it forward.

Narconon of Georgia License Revocation
Late last year, the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) moved to revoke Narconon of Georgia’s license to operate a Drug Rehab and Education facility. Their continued scrutiny was prompted by a series complaints and documentation sent by a member of Reaching for the Tipping Point, and a few others, documented in these threads:

In 2006 and 2007, a similar move had been made by the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DCH’s predecessor), but the case had been settled during an appeal made by Narconon of Georgia. Many view this as puzzling and suspicious, but the “official” word was that DHR simply did not have the evidence they needed to successfully fight the appeal, and so Narconon of Georgia continued operating in the same manner, as a residential program while being licensed only for out-patient treatment.

Now, Narconon of Georgia has appealed the December 2012 license revocation, and that appeal is in progress. They are allowed to continue operating during the appeal process, but according to insider information, there are few to no clients currently in the program. The formal hearing was scheduled for July 17, 2013, but was continued until August 26 and 27, 2013, prompting speculation that Narconon of Georgia was intending to put up a fight. Now the appeal hearing has been rescheduled for September 30, 2013. We hope there’s no funny business going on this time, but knowing how Narconon and Scientology operate, we’re pretty sure they’re trying.

Leak! Narconon soliciting clients from Scientology Orgs
Old Auditor from Possibly Helpful Advice posted a leak from someone he described as “a deeply-embedded source inside the church,” which consists of a letter to the Public Executive Secretary of the org, a booklet called “Healing Addicted Lives” with a sticker placed strategically over the names printed on the booklet, that says, “Call the FSM office today!” and a phone number, 1-800-468-6933. For those who don’t know, FSM stands for Field Staff Member, and the phone number is Narconon Arrowhead’s toll-free number. An FSM is one who receives commissions for sending people for Scientology services, and apparently Narconon has an FSM program as well. We find it humorous that Narconon Arrowhead isn’t getting as many clients from the general public as they would like, and are have to resort to trying to solicit clients from the Scientology orgs, which we hear ain’t doin’ so well either.

Update: plainoldthetan, in the comments below, mentions that I missed this important information from the deeply-embedded source inside the church about insurance:

Phone calls from Narconon reps to our PES told us that the advantage of sending our church public to a so-called secular drug handling facility was that they would handle the public or the parents of the public to use their health insurance to get the treatment done.

It’s pretty disturbing that Narconon is now drawing public scientologists into their insurance fraud. Thanks for pointing this out, plainoldthetan!

Narconon International Copycats Threatened by This Site!
Luke alerted us that Narconon International has issued a press release that they’ve dragged a domain name they’ve owned since 2009 out of their vast repository of domain names, and has opened a .com “Narconon Reviews” site of their own. Considering that the domain was parked until after we registered NarcononReviews.net, and then left only as a generic site with little information on it until after we opened this site, we are flattered that Narconon International must show their fear that we’ll do some damage to their business with our site full of irrefutable documents. They say in the press release they will analyze some “surveys” done by their front group, F.A.S.E. (Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education). Based on a quick glance, the site appears to have nothing to do with reviews, and is just more of the same type of self-promotion seen ’round the web on many of their other sites.

Looking a little spammy, there, Narconon. If you spent as much effort cleaning up your Narconon mess as you do trying to counteract well-deserved bad publicity, you might not be in such a state of desperation. However, do keep on the way you’re going – you’re making our work easy! But please, just try not to kill any more people, ok?

That about does it for this week’s roundup. Know of anything we missed? Tell us! You know, down there.  ↓   Write a memo. And remember, you can subscribe to be notified of new posts via email.

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  1. From the Desk of...

    The thing about Narconon Arrowhead soliciting participants from Scientology Orgs is that usually those subjects are not eligible for Church services because of current or past criminal connections. That makes them a PTS Type B, so they can’t get serviced in an org.

    Of course, flying someone from, say, Washington State to Narconon Arrowhead and back adds to the program’s costs.

    The thing you didn’t note about the post on possiblyhelpfuladvice.com post is the note from the embedded source saying that Narconon Arrowhead promised to extract the Narconon fees from mommy and daddy’s medical insurance carrier, which is an ongoing fleecing by Narconons around the country.

    • Ann From the Desk of...

      Ooh! Thanks for mentioning that about the insurance, plainoldthetan! I’ll add an update to the article to point it out.

  2. From the Desk of...

    ARC! I had comm that Narconon Arrowhead had already been shut down just days after numerous customers were killed and endless lawsuits criminal and civil have been filed. Are these insane Scientology criminals still rooking and swindling money from the rubes, marks, and suckers?

    • From the Desk of...

      Ah, maybe I’m thinking of Oklahoma.

      • Ann From the Desk of...

        Hi Fred. Narconon had opened a separate Arrowhead Medical Detox in McAlester, OK. As a medical detox, they had different licensing regulations from what the regular Arrowhead has to follow. They had received a temporary license so they could get their act together, but ultimately didn’t comply with the regulations, and so they were shut down. There’s some more about it in last week’s Narconon News Roundup. Perhaps that’s what you were thinking of.

        Unfortunately, Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma is still operating, but the word is that both client and staff numbers are declining. Does this clarify what you heard about Narconon Arrowhead?

  3. From the Desk of...
    Fredric L. Rice

    Not only that, NarCONon Review has been added to the “NarCONon IS Scientology” web site. 🙂 Every page has a link on the left-hand-side menu.

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