The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 8)

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Inside a Narconon Division 6 Sales Office
To understand Narconon Sales, it is important to understand how it differs from a traditional sales office that might be found in a regular drug rehab center. So, let’s go into Narconon and step into the sales office. I’ll introduce you around.

It’s your first day, so you’ll be given a little area. Your official title is “registrar” or “reg” for short. Your job is to talk people into coming to Narconon. Usually you are assigned a computer, a phone, and possibly a cell phone. Leads will be coming in each day and it is your job to close “cycles” in order to maintain your job. In the beginning you will probably not be able to answer calls that are coming directly into the center. You will be handed old leads from people that called in months ago but never arrived. Or you might have to work the FSM line, acting as if you work for an unbiased referral website, qualifying people financially and then referring them to another registrar to close them on the program. Your pay? You will be getting anywhere from $50 a week (while training) to a couple hundred dollars each week plus 1-2% of the sales from each person you bring in, after you’ve graduated from the training process. A $30,000 Narconon client will bring you your base salary plus $300-$600 in commissions. Bring in 5 for the week, and you can be making $1500-$3000 a week.

Your boss is someone referred to as an SDE, or Senior Director of Expansion. They are probably a Scientologist, as are most of your bosses and higher ups. He or she generally has a higher base salary than you do and gets an overall commission based upon all the sales. Whereas you are receiving a percentage for only the people you bring in, the SDE receives a commission on all the people who come in. In addition, if the group brings in a certain high amount of money, bonuses can be given to the SDE, which can easily double their salary. His or her job is to get you to produce. If you do, they drive a Mercedes Benz, if you don’t, then it’s Toyota Corolla time. Often the SDE will yell at you. It will be something along the lines of “saving peoples lives”, but in reality, it’s about their personal paycheck. If you screw up, it directly affects their pocketbook. But try and remember, as they are yelling at you, they too are getting yelled at by their higher ups, occasionally even by Narconon International itself. They are in the same boat as you are in, even if they do drive nicer cars.

You will be working 6 days a week, usually 12 hours a day. You will not leave for lunch. If you do it will be frowned upon. On occasion, you will be coming in to work on your day off. If you get into trouble, you will be pulled from post, but forced to work for no pay until you “get ethical again”. Often it will be suggested that you attend the Church of Scientology. You don’t have to, but those who do generally don’t lose their jobs no matter how much they screw up, use drugs, or other behaviors. You will probably notice that all of the executives are Scientologists. Sooner or later, you will figure out that only those who attend the Church of Scientology get promotions.

Generally no one in the office has much of a life. You will probably find that no one attends church, outside of a Church of Scientology, no one is attending college, or working toward getting a legitimate counseling degree. There simply isn’t enough time. After a while, you will be so grateful to be able to see your wife and kids one whole day each week that you won’t want to eat away at any more time doing extracurricular things, not during the limited couple hours extra you have each day between work and sleep. You’ll ignore the slave hours and look forward to your one day with your family. Except, of course, your cell phone rings on your day off from families you’ve spoken to earlier in the week. And you have to answer it.

You will notice that there is a lot of yelling at people. Sooner or later your boss will yell at you, threaten you, swear at you, and call you names. If you are doing well in your job, you will be encouraged to work longer because your stats are high. If you are not doing well, you will be encouraged to work longer hours to get your stats up. You will never feel like you’ve accomplished any success for long. If you did great last week, it will be forgotten this week.

Occasionally, you will be asked to write down any harmful acts that you have done, especially in secret, and turn them in to your boss in order to keep your job. Masturbate too much? Write it down and turn it in. Cheat on your spouse? Beat your wife? Engage in homosexual behaviors? Use drugs? Put it all down on paper and give it to your boss. If you refuse, you will probably be pulled from post or fired.

You will be taught how to sell Narconon. How to close cycles. How to debug Black PR on the internet. You will be taught that it is never unethical to lie to a parent or prospective client in order to bring them into Narconon. It will be explained to you that this is “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”. This justification will allow you to do and say anything in order to bring someone in. You will probably be asked to read a book called “Big League Sales” which is the only non-Scientology book that you will ever be required to read. It is about selling by manipulation. The rest of your books and material will all be Scientology-based.

Each Thursday you will be required to perform Scientology Stats, Conditions and Formulas. Based upon how much money you bring in, you will have to perform certain actions. You are never permitted to blame a bad week on anything outside of yourself other than a “suppressive person” that you are directly connected to. If you have such a person you must disconnect. You cannot complain that your boss is unethical or cruel. You cannot say that the reason you had a bad week is because of all the Black PR on the internet. Your success or failure each week is because of you and you alone. And never, ever, suggest that you are burning out.

Welcome to your first day.

Now….start closing cycles!

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