Fresh New Lawsuit Against Narconon Fresh Start

Just filed yesterday.

Narconon Fresh Start, Dan Carmichael, and Sunshine Summit Lodge apparently haven’t had enough lawsuits filed against them and subsequent outpouring of settlement cash (albeit, in exchange for signed gag agreements) to teach them any lessons about deliberately deceiving people and how their insatiable hunger for money at the expense of the truth will ultimately be their downfall.

This lawsuit alleges:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Unjust Enrichment
  • Fraud – Intentional Concealment
  • Fraud – Negligent Misrepresentation
  • Conversion and
  • Unfair Competition according to the California Business and Professions Code §17200 et seq.

and we at Narconon Reviews have little no doubt these allegations are true.

It describes how Kelly, a devout Christian from birth, Greek Orthodox, was discriminated against at Narconon for his religion, and was not permitted to attend church on Easter Sunday, despite Kelly having followed all requirements for requesting permission. The lawsuit also states that “It was made clear to him that if he had requested permission to attend the Church of Scientology, he would have immediately been allowed to attend.”

And to think Scientology calls us “religious bigots”, and says they’re compatible with all religions. Even though Narconon is supposed to be secular?

This is in addition to all the same things we’re accustomed to hearing over and over, about each and every Narconon we hear about — poor living conditions, verbal abuse and unfair treatment, phoney success rates, pushing scientology teachings, unsafe doses of niacin and too-too-long stays in a sauna, unqualified staff who just got out of rehab themselves (and not even real rehab, but Narconon), so forth and so on.

It describes the all-too-common deception this way:

When Defendants entered into the Agreement with Plaintiffs, Defendants knew that they in fact would use this arrangement to keep for themselves VOICULESCU’S 33,000.00, regardless of whether KELLY was ever to receive the promised services, and Defendants, its agents, representatives, and employees concealed this information from Plaintiffs.

Keep it up, Narconon, and one day the balance will swing, the tipping point will be reached, and you will be forced to close your doors, all of them, completely as a result of your own actions. I kinda think that’s already beginning to happen, isn’t it, Narconon? Just don’t say we didn’t try to put your ethics in!

Oh, yeah, the lawsuit is here:

Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!