22 More Lawsuits Involving Narconon Added, Total: 84

We have added 22 lawsuits to our collection, some new and some old, bringing the total to 84.

3 recently filed lawsuits against Narconon Freedom Center
All three were filed on August 15, 2014 by Attorney David E. Miller of Saeed & Little LLP in Indianapolis who is new to the Narconon litigation arena but obviously knowledgeable about Narconon. We think he’s been studying some of the other lawsuits.

State of Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
The following two lawsuits allege that state inspections on the tail of 3 deaths revealed licensing violations for which the inspectors recommended closing the Narconon Arrowhead facility, but the report and findings were “buried” because the “Department did not want to get involved in litigation involving the Church of Scientology.” The inspection report is not available to the general public at this time, but Attorney Gary Richardson in Tulsa, who represents the plaintiffs in the 3 wrongful death cases (Gilliam, Murphy, and Holten) has obtained a ruling from the court that the report must be turned over to him. We hope that in the future, a copy will make its way into the court in his cases, and then into our hands.

Ryan Hamilton Lawsuits
Ryan Hamilton is cranking them out almost faster than we can add them, but we think we’ve caught up with him — for a day or two, at least. He has a total of 22 at this writing. We’ve added the following:

Lawsuits by Former Employees
Here are two lawsuits by former employees, one involving discrimination from 2009, and the other involving pay (or lack thereof) from 2012:

Western World Insurance Company
Western World Insurance got burned covering Narconon of Oklahoma (Arrowhead) and Narconon of Georgia. We hope they (and other insurers) have learned their lessons about covering Narconon.

That’s it for now, but there are still more out there that we don’t have, so if anyone wants to contribute to the lawsuit collection (or any other document collection), please contact us.

We have some other documents we’ll be releasing soon, and Mary McConnell will be writing some blog posts about a few of the more complicated cases soon, so subscribe for notifications if you want to get an email when new articles are published.

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  1. Ann From the Desk of...

    By the way, I’ve been corrected by Mary McConnell (our lawsuit diva) about the Narconon Freedom Center lawsuits being new on the net. They are not new. Tony Ortega had posted about them here: http://tonyortega.org/2014/08/20/narconons-cancer-new-lawsuits-court-order-scientologys-rehab-network/ Thanks, Mary!

  2. From the Desk of...

    you need to update your website….Hamilton is up to 26 Narconon lawsuits and counting… Thanks.

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