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On our radar: Best Drug Rehabilitation Inc, unbranded Narconons

Insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment can be confusing and complicated. Unfortunately some rely on statements and promises made by program staff or sale persons that their insurance policy coverage has been pre-approved and or accepted without the insured person verifying that this is actually true.

Sometimes one will be will asked to pay up front with the promise of later insurance reimbursement, when none or just part may only be reimbursed. Avoiding these and other sales tactics is important, as they often result in later financial hardship and legal entanglement.

We have just added a new lawsuit, a collections consumer debt case filed in Virginia by the unbranded Narconon program called Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc., run by high level scientologist Per Wickstrom. BDR sued 3 Virginia family members for $80,000.00 for Breach of Contract and Unjust Enrichment, claiming Defendants defaulted on paying the program fees. The family members fought back and won.

We would like to share with you a recent memo we received from attorney Catherine J. Villanueva of the law firm Jeffrey P. Ray, P.C., regarding the above case and collection tactics being employed by Best Drug Rehabilitation and other unbranded Narconon programs against people who were under the belief that their health insurance was covering the treatment.


The above information is very important. We feel that the public needs to know what they are up against when attempting to get a loved one in a substance abuse facility using health insurance coverage while dealing with unscrupulous program telemarketers. Too often we find out after someone has been sued, or had a lien placed on their home because they signed a contract which superseded everything they were promised over the phone.

Attorney Jeffrey P. Ray and his firm have represented a number of plaintiffs in cases against Narconon, Best Drug Rehab and A Forever recovery in Michigan, as well as successfully assisting some who have been sued for defamation by the unbranded Narconon program Best Drug Rehabilitation for their internet reviews. While working her way through law school, attorney, Cat Villanueva ably assisted Mr. Ray on these matters in her capacity as paralegal. We appreciate their efforts to help victims of these programs and help us educate the public.

The salesman, referred to in both the lawsuit and the memo, can be seen discussing a call from a woman who called their referral service’ for help… He ‘jokes’ to his fellow telemarketers about the conversation, and the woman’s inability to afford Best Drug Rehab’s fees.

This 2012 video was previously featured in an article by journalist Tony Ortega

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