Health Dept. Inspections, and more – Don’t Even Go There!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve added quite a bit to the site. I’ll hit the highlights below.

Calhoun County Health Dept. Inspections
Some of the most alarming new additions to the site are the inspections by the Calhoun County Health Department in Michigan. These cover Narconon Freedom Center, A Forever Recovery, and Tranquility Detox. Also run by Per Wickstrom, Best Drug Rehab is not included in the inspections we received, but considering the conditions at A Forever Recovery and Tranquility Detox, we think we can safely say that Best Drug Rehab is not likely to be any better.

Reading over these should be enough to deter anyone from going to these Narconons. Among the problems found are:

  • Bedbugs (Need we say more? Ok, if that’s not enough…)
  • Raw chicken being served
  • Sewage coming up in the sauna
  • Water backflow issues
  • Mouse droppings in food areas (Eek! We believe we’ve said enough now…)

Read more of the Calhoun County Health Department Inspections here:
Calhoun County Health Department Inspections

Narconon in the Schools
Narconon has long tried to promote themselves in the schools, as a way of gaining credibility with the public. The best known exposé of this was a series of articles by Nanette Asimov in the San Francisco Chronicle. Her articles resulted in a study by the California Department of Education, and recommendations to prohibit Narconon from teaching children their unscientific views on drug use, but there have been many other articles written throughout the years.  Despite the number of times Narconon has been rejected (or ejected) from schools on a similar basis, they have continued to teach the same wrong information. We think this speaks more to an agenda than to a desire to educate.

Read the articles linked from here: Narconon in the Schools.

If you find or know of articles we haven’t included, please let us know and we’ll add them.

Formal Report by Professor Folke Sjoqvist
Although written in 1996, a similar report made today would be much the same, since Narconon hasn’t, and doesn’t, change its methods despite advances in views on addiction and treatment by the scientifically-based rehab community. Although sometimes hard to follow by laypeople, formal reports are among the most important information on this site because, having been written by experts in the field, they are authoritative on the subject.

Read this formal report here: Prof. Folke Sjoqvist’s Report – Expert advice on Narconon given to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare

Additional Documents
We’ve added a new page type for additional documents in lawsuits, where we obtain filings made after the initial complaint. The additional documents page will be linked from the Lawsuit page if we have additional documents, and will help us to get new lawsuit documents up faster. The page is automatically generated from a listing of files in a directory, so all we have to do is upload the new documents, and they will instantly appear on the additional documents page.

For instance, we have added some documents from the Teague case. Under the “Local Link(s) to Lawsuit Documents” section, the first link is to the initial complaint, and the second is to the “Additional Documents” page. All lawsuits will follow this format.

Mr. Teague’s Journal
While you’re looking at the Teague Additional Documents page, we’d like to call your attention to Mr. Teague’s Journal. (If you’re not familiar with his story, please read the summary on the Teague Lawsuit page first, or better yet, read the initial complaint. Written in Mr. Teague’s own handwriting, it describes the people at the facilities he was at, and his experiences. Like many other accounts of Narconon, it will tear your heart out to know what this man went through.

More Additional Documents Added
We have added documents in these cases:

Arbitration Clauses
The last case listed above, Jones and Ramirez v. Narconon Redwood Cliffs, Narconon International, ABLE, et. al, has been dismissed in favor of arbitration, which was called for in the contract signed by the Plaintiffs (Exhibit A, on the Additional Documents page). This is of note because other contracts made with Narconon may include the arbitration clause, and could be considered for a similar ruling in other lawsuits. We sincerely hope this will not be the case.

Certainly no one, when attending a rehab, considers that they will end up suing the rehab, however, one should always be careful not to sign a contract with an arbitration clause if they can avoid it. Just in case – like the same reason people wear seatbelts, not because they’re expecting to have an accident, but just in case.

Lawsuits Added: Oberhansly, and Clay (Cody Bates’ mother)
We have added these lawsuits to the site:

Faithful readers will remember the blog post by Mary McConnell about Cody Bates, The Negligent Death of Courtney “Cody” Bates. The lawsuit above is one that was filed by his mother, Carlynn Clay, and settled.

Police Reports on Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma
Last, but not least, we’d like to direct your attention to an open records request which was filed through Muckrock, and has been fulfilled recently. We don’t have the documents on Narconon Reviews yet, although we will work on that in the coming weeks. They are worthwhile reading for anyone considering or investigating Narconon Arrowhead, or indeed any other Narconon, because, like the school presentations mentioned above, the Narconon program doesn’t seem to change either, even when faced with irrefutable evidence that they’re doing it wrong.

Please visit this link to get the Police Reports, and to help the requester to get additional free requests on Muckrock:
Pittsburg Co. Sherrif’s Dept. Reports for Narconon Arrowhead (Scientology Drug Rehab)
Documents may be viewed or downloaded from the “Responsive Documents” links toward the bottom of the page.

That wraps it up for the latest additions this time around. If you’d like to be notified by email when we post again about new additions, please subscribe, using the quick box to the upper right of this page, or on the subscribe page.

And feel free to comment below. Comments are moderated, but will be published if they’re legit.

Narconon? Don’t even go there!

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