Tony Ortega at The Underground Bunker wrote an article today which is very much of interest to the readers of this site.

Having some knowledge of the matter, I attempted to post a comment but it was sent to moderation eternity by Disqus so I decided to correct the record here.

Tony’s story starts out saying…

“More than a year ago — on May 19, 2012 — a 22-year-old woman from North Carolina named Amber Bullins died at Tranquility Detox, a Scientology-based drug rehab facility in Battle Creek, Michigan associated with a man named Per Wickstrom.

Former employees of Wickstrom tell us that it’s only in the past few months, however, that the Battle Creek Police Department has begun to investigate the death in what is becoming a more general probe of Wickstrom’s two rehab centers in the town. (He owns businesses — or the buildings they lease — in two more Michigan towns, and has plans for another in Michigan and one in Indiana.)

We have received information that the investigation is taking a hard look at those facilities and the kind of complaints that plague other businesses run on Scientology’s drug rehab model, known as ‘Narconon.'”  Read here for more.

Here is my comment which was nabbed by Disqus for moderation..

“Thank you for reporting on this investigation and tragedy. However, there are some points that I feel need clarifying.

Amber was signed up to attend for Best Drug Rehabilitation (BDR) in Manistee MI but was sent first to what is called “Tranquility Detox”, a separate facility licensed to Per Wickstrom’s 2 facilities, BDR and A Forever recovery (AFR). She never made it to BDR. Her last Facebook posts were about her going there with all the hope in the world.

I was surprised this matter of Amber Bullins sad and very negligent death was leaked while mid investigation. Amber Bullins did not die from ingesting street drugs, as some might surmise from how you commented on the toxicology report. The Toxicology/Autopsy report, which I have also read, shows that all her the medicines found in her system were prescription drugs given to her by a physician in his attempt to wean her off her addiction to Heroin and Xanax (Alprazolam). She died from Mixed Drug Intoxication of mixed prescribed medications along with underlying contributing health issues. At the time of his report, the Medical Examiner determined that it was an accidental death due to drug intoxication.  The prescribing physician, Dr. Seth Egelston – is one of a group of doctors currently being being sued in another A Forever Recovery case,  Richmond v AFR et al.

Egelston was Amber’s physician at intake and the last physician to see her. The investigation concerns what occurred between the time she entered the program until the time she was reported dead to 911. To my knowledge, illicit drugs are not a factor in this case. That does not mean that drugs are not to be found in those facilities because we at Reaching For The Tipping Point Forum and get reports of this occurring at most of the Narconon and unbranded facilities like AFR and BDR.

Tranquility Detox  is the fictitious name used for corporate and sales purposes for the medical and non-medical withdrawal detox center run by and licensed to both A Forever Recovery and Best Drug Rehabilitation and sometimes used by patients referred by Narconon Freedom Center. This is where people are sent first if they need detox or withdrawal. Usually they never hear the name Tranquility Detox until after the patient arrives to start their program at either A Forever recovery or Best Drug Rehabilitation Center. There’s big money in billing insurance for medical detox, less liability in sending people to detox… even Narconon has gotten into the game by sending patients to outside places or separate locations where a physician weans the ‘student’ off meds they are addicted to. There is no legal program licensed in Michigan by the name Tranquility Detox but there is a corporation registered by the son of AFR owner Pamela Anderson and nephew of Per Wickstrom: Steve Anderson. 

This  ‘Tranquility Detox ‘center owned by AFR and BDR is located at 163 North Avenue in Battle Creek, MI.

Their licensing information for this location can be found here:

A Forever Recovery
Address: 163 North Avenue Battle Creek, MI 49017
Service Description       License Type    Begin Date     Date Expired

Best Drug Rehabilitation
Address: 163 North Avenue Battle Creek, MI 49017
Service Description        License Type      Begin Date  Date Expired

Another note regarding Per Wickstrom. He is the former owner of the now defunct Narconon Stone Hawk  which was once the facility where A Forever Recovery’s main facility is now located. While I know Lucas Catton begs to differ, it is my belief that Narconon International has an agreement with Per Wickstrom to allow  him to use the Narconon program at their sites that these unbranded programs he and his family run, as long as he pays for  use of the materials like all the other Narconons do. This is an agreement made long ago after he closed Narconon Stone Hawk and opened up A Forever Recovery under his sister Pamela Anderson’s name.

Every person who has come forward to speak about these 2 facilities has stated they even use the Narconon books and do all the drills and take all the vitamins just like one does in Narconon. So these are essentially Narconon programs by different names. And because the name Narconon is infamous on the internet, Narconons are now using fictitious names like Redwood Cliffs, Huntington Harbor, Fresh Start, Arrowhead Detox… to lure people in without mentioning the name Narconon.

Additionally, Per Wickstrom’s TIA Corp was dismissed from the Teague case last Aug-28-2012 (ORD (1 pages) DISMISSAL(TIA CORPORATION ONLY) MISC ACT-JDG  TIA CORPORATION DISMISSAL ORDER SIGNED RE: TIA CORP ONLY)

Thanks for the mention of Narconon Reviews Its actual purpose is to help educate people not just on Narconon and the unbranded clones, but on how to search and find appropriate help for oneself or a loved one without being conned and deceived or getting shoddy service. The resources include state licensing agencies, state requirements for facilities, how to file complaints, obtain records. For attorneys and the media there are formal, informal and legal complaints – some which link to Tony’s scribd and mine.

Mary McConnell

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    Thank you, Mary, for this comprehensive post. Detailed, informative and very readable account about a skunk by any other name…

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    Looks like it worked. Thanks Mary, Per is the only one I know of that is actually expanding. There needs to be more spotlight put on this crook before more people die. Thanks for getting more of this particular tragedy out there.

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    Well, it looks like Miss Fortune is on the case, lol
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