2015 Licensing Agency Inspections in Michigan

We’ve just published 5 new inspections of the Michigan facilities – Best Drug Rehab, A Forever Recovery, and Narconon Freedom Center. Here are the links:

A Forever Recovery Inspection, March 27, 2015
Best Drug Rehab Inspection, March 4, 2015
Best Drug Rehab Inspection, April 22, 2015
Narconon Freedom Center Inspection, January 5, 2015
Narconon Freedom Center Inspection, January 15, 2015

It’s not looking too good there.

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  1. From the Desk of...

    These documents reveal what many of us have know for sometime. Glad to see the information out and viewable to the general public. I think this information should be forwarded to those in the small southern town in which Per Wickstrom wants to ply his twisted trade!

  2. From the Desk of...
    Mary McConnell

    It’s clear with some of these, that the facilities knew in advance about complaints and tried to fix things if possible, before the State licensing contacted them. But the fact that they let these places go down in such disrepair… and so quickly — ugh! We see these kind of disrepair reports time and time again… Who would want to take a shower there, or eat in their foods knowing how lax they are.

    And the issue making sure patients/students are provided a copy of the rules as a solution to allowing these facilities to continue to (again and again) dump students at a cheap motel if they don’t follow the rules — this information is NEVER provided to the patient or the loved one at the start… before they paid for the program or provided the insurance for their loved ones after being tricked into agreeing to attend the program.

    This will all come to haunt these programs… it’s already out there on this website and in some court cases we have copies of. The internet is Narconon and the unbranded ones worst nightmare… There will be more. .And maybe then people will come to better know what they are getting themselves into before being ripped off.!.

  3. From the Desk of...

    The place lures desperate addicts or their loved ones to their website. Making it look so wonderful but its nothing like the pictures. Once you have signed the paperwork you are treated so poorly and have to live in such unsanitary conditions. They claim to be holistic but they are very far from that. I think they should be shut down before more people are harmed or die. They are just scamming insurance companies for thousands of dollars.

  4. Mary McConnell From the Desk of...
    Mary McConnell

    Hi sue, Thanks for commenting. I’m sorry you or someone you know had to experience that. It’s our hope that these documents and others on the site will prevent people from going to these programs but we know there are many who have already ( or paid for someone to go) and need a safe place to speak their mind about it. Which of the 3 programs were you referring to?

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