Narconon Reviews Opening Day! At last!

Hooray! Narconon Reviews is open!

What the heck is Narconon Reviews? Is it another site by Narconon? Not on your life!

I’ll tell you a bit about the site and what we have planned, and then I’ll give you a brief (very brief) summary of the site’s history – how it was conceived and how it came to be what it is.

Current Content & Future Plans:
We have loads of information related to Narconon. We have a lot of things saved that we haven’t even added yet! Plus, we plan to seek out more information in the future.

We have information that is of interest to people seeking a substance abuse rehab program or facility and we believe when people are fully informed about how to choose a rehab, they will choose something other than Narconon. We also have information for people who need help after an encounter with Narconon. Want to do research on Narconon? We’ve got that covered too!

On the blog, we plan to have articles about subjects related to our main site’s topics, and we hope to have interviews with people who can shed light on our topics, both Narconon and the substance abuse and rehab community. If you’re interested in writing an article or being interviewed, please let us know. We’ll also make a post to the blog when we add new information to the main site. If you want to receive an email notification every time a new post is made to the blog, you can subscribe – more information about subscriptions.

Never before seen content!
Responses to the Narconon Survey, conducted by the Downtown Independent Research Team, as yet unseen by anyone else, have found a home. We have only published the surveys that responders agreed to make public, which were, unfortunately, in the minority. We expect that there will be more incoming public survey responses in the future, since people will be able to see the existing ones and how they’re presented.

Lawsuits against disgruntled customers by Best Drug Rehabilitation! That’s right! Best Drug Rehab had the gall to sue some of its unhappy former customers who had complained on RipOff Report, and attempted to have the links to the complaints removed from Google’s Search. See Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc. v. Does 1-5 in the Lawsuits section.

Please look around! There’s plenty here that I haven’t mentioned!

A Brief History:
We (Mary, Kelly, and Ann) originally planned the site for the responses to the Narconon Survey. As regulars at the Reaching for the Tipping Point forum, we were dismayed at the number of people who only found out what Narconon is after they had an unfortunate experience at one of the Narconon branches or “clones”. So the idea of the site expanded to include information for people to find before they chose Narconon. We also had a growing number of Narconon-related documents we collected, and since the forum was once referred to (affectionately?) as a “document dump”, we decided this site could be an upscale Document Mall. The site grew and grew, and finally now it can be shown!

What do you think? Tell us in the comments…

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  1. Kelly From the Desk of...

    Congratulations to everyone involved. A lot of hard work and effort went into this project. Hopefully, the information collected here will be of benefit to many families and researchers for years to come.

  2. From the Desk of...

    Congratulations. The site is so bright and attractive! It’s well laid out and easy to navigate. Best wishes for many, many years helping people learn the truth about Narconon.

  3. AnonLover From the Desk of...

    This looks fabulous! Thank you for this great contribution, I love it. But it seems your Twitter button isn’t quite working yet (Facebook and G+ social network sharing buttons did though).

  4. From the Desk of...

    Your site is so informative. I am sure you will help many desperate people avoid the harm caused by Narconon. Therefore, you are saving lives.

  5. From the Desk of...
    James Anderson

    Very nice site I hope it does well and assists people to make an informed decision, particularly hard when you are faced with the uncertainties of making correct choices for loved ones who are subjected to the effects of narcotics.

    I love the uncluttered look and feel of this site.

  6. From the Desk of...
    Dean Blair

    I appreciate all of the hard work you have put into this web site. It will surely save someone a lot of grief being able to find out before hand that Narconon is a fraud. Thank you all.

  7. Kelly From the Desk of...

    Thanks for your comments, Dean! That is certainly one of our goals.

  8. From the Desk of...

    What a fantastic site! I don’t know if I’ve seen one so intuitive and well-designed for such a comprehensive volume of material.. So glad this resource is here, and may it save many lives.

  9. From the Desk of...

    This is awesome!!! Congrats and thanks to all who helped put it together.

  10. From the Desk of...

    Thanks to all who put this site together! This would of helped us make an informed decision before we sent our son to one of their facilities. We were able to get our money back so don’t give up. Stick with it and you will help others see narconon for what they really are..

    • Ann From the Desk of...

      Debra, I wish the site had been here for you when you were making your decision. If you have any suggestions for information that will help people in that position in the future, please feel free to contact us privately through email.

      I’m glad you were able to get your money back.

  11. Mary McConnell From the Desk of...
    Mary McConnell

    So glad the site is being received so well! Kudos!!

  12. From the Desk of...

    What a simple web site. Perfectly welcoming to anyone stressed with drug abuse in their lives.
    Thank you to all that worked on this. You are truly helping others.

    • Ann From the Desk of...

      Thank you Cece. We were hoping the site would have a calming effect for people who need this type of information. So glad it achieves that goal.

  13. From the Desk of...
    roger gonnet

    Fine to have opened this new webste. I’ll try to take some time to read it.
    I wonder of you could make some pages in french, italian, german andd spanish, since narconon acts also in these countries.
    You’ll see that I’ve a specialized website in french on Narconon, as well ass five others on scientology, the largest being

    roger gonnet

    • Ann From the Desk of...

      Thank you, Roger. We would love to have the site available in other languages. Unfortunately, we don’t have the language skills to do that ourselves, or the funding to pay for it to be done. Volunteer translations are perfectly welcome, though, if anyone would like to help out with that. We especially hope to include documents from other countries when we can get them. I’ll add a link to your French Naronon site in the meantime.

  14. From the Desk of...

    I still have not gotten any money back from Narconon in Michigan. Son spent less than 2 weeks, and I drove from Dallas, Tx to retrieve my son once I found out what the scientology place was up to. Any legal action, class action suites, that need particiapants?

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