Narconon in the Schools

Although this site is primarily focused on drug and alcohol rehab, and Narconon’s efforts in that field, we would be remiss if we did not also include some information about Narconon’s and the Church of Scientology’s endeavors to promote pseudo-scientific views on drug use and addiction to children and their parents through the schools. This is often done under alternative names, such as Drug-Free Marshalls, Foundation for a Drug-Free World, The Truth About Drugs, and The Way to Happiness, among others; and done under the guise of “drug education”.

No doubt, some of the individuals who do this promotion (“education”) view it as the right thing to do, and believe the information they give is correct. However, considering that the offending organizations, as well as the associated individuals, have been informed many times that there is no scientific backing for their ideas, have been prohibited from giving such presentations in the past, and yet have not changed their teachings, it reveals that these presentations are less about education and more about agenda. It would be one thing if they were merely ignorant of the errors in their presentation and corrected them once they learned better, but it’s another thing when they’re informed of those errors and, arrogantly, continue to present them without alteration.

The harm this does to young and impressionable minds is inexcusable. It leads youngsters into accepting unfounded medical theories as truth, in a society already plagued with a profusion of quackery. By promoting Scientology beliefs, it begins an indoctrination process for these children into the Scientology way of thinking, and it does this under the auspices of the school systems, those in whom parents and society as a whole have placed their faith for proper education. And it harms society also, not only by spreading false ideas, but by taking the place of others who might offer a drug education program based on well-founded ideas and proven facts.

If you find that your children or the children of others are being taught “drug education” by one of these groups, please don’t be silent. Please contact the school or other authorities who are responsible and let them know about “the wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

We’ve collected some articles below about Narconon’s exploitation of schools. If you know of others which are not listed, please let us know and we will add them.