Narconon West US

Address: 6161 Santa Monica Boulevard, 208, Los Angeles, CA 90038-4406
Registered Agent: Luria K. Dion, 249 N. Brand Blvd #384, Glendale, CA 91203
Narconon West US oversees the Narconons in the western United States.

Nardella v. Narconon Fresh Start d/b/a Rainbow Canyon Retreat; ABLE; Narconon Int.; Narconon WUS; et. al.

The plaintiffs allege multiple material misrepresentations, civil conspiracy, consumer fraud, breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith/fair dealing, and more. Dianna Nardella specifically claims she was promised grief counseling for her son who was the lone survivor of a car accident in which three of his friends were killed. Narconon Fresh Start has admitted in previous lawsuits that the Narconon program does not include counseling.

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Vairo v. Narconon Fresh Start d/b/a A Life Worth Saving, Inc; ABLE; Narconon Int. Narconon WUS

Through a 1-800 referral number, plaintiff Ken E. Vairo was recommended Narconon as a drug treatment program with the highest success rate for his son, Ken, Jr. Ken, Sr. was put in contact with Dan Carmichael who made several false representations about the success rate, benefits of the sauna and extensive addiction counseling provided by certified and licensed professionals, including medical personnel, he claims. Mr. Vairo paid $31,000 for the Narconon program, but alleges his son received no counseling for his addiction. Instead, he claims, his son was given scientology training routines and no medical oversight. The plaintiffs make claims for damages under federal wiretap violations, breach of contract, fraud, fraudulent concealment, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent misrepresentation, claims under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, unjust enrichment and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

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Henning and Tetreau v. Narconon Fresh Start, Sunshine Summit Lodge, ABLE, Narconon Int., Narconon WUS, et. al.

In January 2014, while searching for a rehabilitation facility for her daughter, Deanna Tetreau of Michigan came across a website that purported to be an independent referral service which was not independent from Narconon at all. From there, she was referred to a Narconon Fresh Start representative named Josh Penn, infamous now for making representations that the Narconon program provided drug counseling under the supervision of medical professionals, and that it was a scientifically proven method resulting in a success rate of over 70%. Plaintiffs signed the contract, paid for their Warner Springs location program called Sunshine Summit Lodge where Deanna's daughter Jennifer Henning began 'treatment' only to find that there was no counseling, only Scientology training. She was unable to complete the sauna component due to high doses Niacin triggering pancreatitis which the facility neglected to provide appropriate can and supervision of. The causes of action in this case are: Breach of Contract; Negligence; Fraud; Negligent Misrepresentation; Violations of non-competition law , violation of federal wiretapping, law among others.

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Martin v. Narconon Fresh Start d/b/a Rainbow Canyon Retreat; ABLE; Narconon West US; Narconon International; et. al.

Fresh Start representative Dan Carmichael made the usual false representations to the Plaintiffs (76% success rate, licensed medical care at the facility, the program is secular, and the sauna detox scientifically proven and effective for eliminating drug cravings) and also recommended that Plaintiffs employ Kevin Ray d/b/a Second Wind Intervention as an interventionist. This complaint goes into detail about the use of telephone scripts which are used with callers, in order to manipulate callers into enrolling their loved one in Fresh Start. It also goes into detail about how phone calls are recorded without the caller's knowledge, and used as "a means of teaching the high pressure and deceptive sales techniques Fresh Start uses."

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Koslow v. Narconon Fresh Start d/b/a Rainbow Canyon Retreat; ABLE; Narconon West US; Narconon International; et. al.

After speaking with Nick Morrill, a Narconon Fresh Start staff member, and being assured that the program was completely secular and had nothing to do whatsoever with Scientology, Plaintiffs enrolled their daughter in Fresh Start's Caliente, Nevada facility. Plaintiffs received received a phone call from Fresh Start’s in-house legal counsel, Bruce Haddrill, who informed them that a Fresh Start staff member had engaged in sexual relations with their daughter during the withdrawal phase at the beginning of her treatment program approximately two months earlier, and that their daughter was being expelled from the program (the lawsuit does not mention any punishment for the staff member, or whether he was fired). Later he emailed them and told them that Fresh Start had decided the daughter could stay and she was moved to the Sunshine Summit Lodge facility in Warner Springs, California. However, Plaintiffs decided to remove her, and send her to an all-female treatment center. While arrangements were being made, a Fresh Start intern engaged in sexual relations with her. These two sexual encounters with staff at Fresh Start impeded the daughter in her attempts to recover from drug addiction, and caused her emotional distress and embarrassment.

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Akard v. Narconon Southern California. et al.

Akard, represented by William M. Margolin, sues Narconon Southern California, Narconon International, Narconon Western United States, and the Association For Better Living and Education aka ABLE for contractual Fraud. Claims include that Defendent was deceptive in procuring contract, had 'unclean hands', use of Scientology philosophy in the program without disclosure. Much more... read the complaint.

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