Narconon (Los Angeles)

Narconon (Los Angeles) is closed.

Narconon Survey Response #321

This survey respondent lost her sister to addiction at the age of 39. She claims that her sister did not receive the treatment she badly needed. While under the care of Narconon, her sister was discovered in a bar parking lot using cocaine. On confrontation about the incident, Narconon's response was that clients were allowed some freedom.

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Chimblo v. Narconon, ABLE, Phil Armour, Jeanne Trahant, et al.

This is a civil lawsuit filed in Superior Court of California, Los Angeles regarding an assault by a co-worker at Narconon in Los Angeles, who also assaulted a student. Included in the charges are statements about Narconon not filing appropriate reports about incidents at the facility, which include a student being raped and a student being injected with heroin by a staff member. Disturbing complaint. The employee sued his employer Narconon, his supervisor Jeanne Trahant and the co-worker who assaulted him, Phil Armour. This involved the now defunct Narconon Los Angeles facility.

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Stamps v. Narconon Drug Rehab, and Jeanne Trahant

After a leave of absence from a California Narconon to attend the birth of his son, this plaintiff alleges that his personal belongings were removed from the facility without his permission. Later, after another home visit, he was informed that he could not return to the program. Repeated calls to inquire about the location of his belongings went unanswered, or were met with reassurances that his belongings were in storage and would be mailed to him, but never were.

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Outline for Recovery House Evaluation – Narconon New Life

In 1973, California passed a bill, Senate Bill 714, which would allocate funds for treatment alternatives to existing methods such jails and prisons, probation and parole, civil commitment, and court orders. This included residential facilities called Recovery Houses and Therapeutic Communities. Narconon New Life sought funding through this bill. Since public funding was involved, the State of California required evaluations of the programs receiving money. This document is an outline for the related evaluation of the Narconon New Life program as it was being run in 1974, submitted to the California State Department of Health, submitted to the California State Department of Health.

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