Fauteux et al v. Narconon International, ABLE International, et al

This is a Complaint for Damages regarding the November 6, 2015 wrongful death of Tabatha Fauteux, a graduate of the Narconon Fresh Start program in Harlingen, TX , who was sent to Los Angeles as a trainee - housed and trained under the control and supervision of Narconon Int & ABLE, who tried to recruit Tabatha into joining Scientology with great pressure and against her wishes. The complaint's First Causes of Action are Wrongful Death Survival Action - meaning for the parents as survivors and for damages the Decedent (Tabatha) would be entitled to had she survived. The defendants are Narconon Int, ABLE, and those as yet unnamed as liable parties to this case. "Plaintiffs are informed and believe, and based thereupon allege, that at all times herein mentioned, Defendants, and each of them, knew that as a result of their course of conduct in bringing Tabatha to Los Angels as a Trainee" knowing that Tabatha was a former heroin addict, controlling Tabatha's living environment with knowledge that Tabatha was in effect being held hostage by Defendants, pressuring Tabatha to join the Church of Scientology and in providing herbal drugs to mimic the effects of opioid drugs, including heroin, would likely result in Tabatha relapsing to using heroin" This is one of the most important Narconon lawsuits we have seen. Please read our blog article and the complaint itself linked below

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