New London, CT

My story as ED Narconon Connecticut

Former scientologist Patty Pieniadz writes about her time as the Executive Director of Narconon Eastern United States ( EUS), then situated in New London, Connecticut. She writes that she was a fairly new 21 year old scientologist and had no qualifications for such a job other than the fact that no one else wanted it. She describes how she learned her way around, and what the true intent of the program is, as well as the background management issues she had to deal with back then (organizationally things have since changed - though not for the better) She spent 27 years in the Scientology and 14 years in the church's 'spy unit', Office of Special Affairs ( formerly known as the Guardian's Office ) Patty left Scientology and later became an outspoken critic of the Narconon Program

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Narconon Survey Response #215

This former client attended in 1973 at Narconon Connecticut (now closed), joined Scientology as a result, and remained on staff at Narconon for 5 years. At the time, the connection between Scientology and Narconon was not hidden, however, in hindsight, this person says that "it pretty much destroyed my life."

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