Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat

Doing business as:
Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat, Narconon New Life Retreat, Narconon Riverbend, Riverbend, Riverbend Retreat
Address: 35059 Bend Road, Denham Springs, LA, 70706
County: Livingston Parish
Managed by: Narconon Louisiana – New Life Retreat
Registered Agent: Kelley Keeney
35059 Bend Road, Denham Springs, LA, 70706

McHenry v. Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat; ABLE; Narconon EUS; Narconon Int.;

The plaintiff in this case alleges that she found Narconon New Life Retreat (Narconon NLR) through an internet search that turned up There she found a 1-800# and got connected to Lance at a fake referral service. Lance described himself as an 'independent' volunteer drug counselor and referred the plaintiff to Jeff Gordon at Narconon NLR.The usual bait and switch ensued. Plaintiff alleges she was promised a 76% success rate and extensive addiction counseling for her son. Instead, she claims, her son received Scientology doctrine and practices for which she paid $27,000. Note: NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal by Jeannette McHenry (Pendley, Patrick) (Entered: 03/11/2015)

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FTC Complaint, Narconon Riverbend Retreat, October 19, 2012

This 75-year-old retired factory worker, searched for a treatment facility for a granddaughter, and found Narconon Riverbend online. After calling, a Narconon representative spoke of their 75% success rate and suggested Narconon was the only way to help her. The $30,000 for treatment was a lot of money for this retiree. After returning home, the granddaughter immediately relapsed. This consumer believes the facility misrepresented their success and asks, "How in the world is it possible for a company in America to get away with this?"

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