Narconon Lone Star Victory Ranch

Doing business as:
Narconon Lone Star Victory Ranch, Texas Lone Star Victory Ranch
Address: 17697 ABD Rd., Harlingen, TX 78552
County: Cameron
Managed by: Narconon Fresh Start/Southern California
Registered Agent: Joseph Sauceda
17697 ABD Rd., Harlingen, TX 78552

Narconon Survey Response #358

Frightened and desperate for help, these parents contacted Narconon to address their son's drinking problem. After speaking to Dan Carmichael, they were convinced that seizures and death were imminent for their son. They allege that their son was heavily drugged during detox, was later the recipient of back and neck rubs, including an offer to wash his socks in exchange for allowing an intern to "rub his feet." Once the drugs wore off, it only took son 1 & 1/2 days to become aware that something was wrong and he asked to leave . The parents claim Narconon Harlingen staff attempted to keep him there, but relented and dropped him off at a hotel. The family's experience with Narconon had lasting effects. The parent's used their retirement money to pay for their son's treatment. Their son was stressed and had difficulty sleeping after going home.

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Complaint to BBB, Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch, February 2, 2011

Parents and client alleged that they were never informed about the Narconon/Scientology connection. The parents were alarmed on learning that Narconon had discontinued their son's medication for bipolar disorder and failed to provide any medications during detox. For their part, Narconon denied a connection to scientology, but admitted to the other medication-related allegations. Similar to other complaints, it was also reported that new graduates were working as counselors at the facility.

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Complaint to BBB, Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch, October 15, 2010

The facility was initially advertised as Lonestar Recovery Ranch with no mention of Narconon or Scientology. After arriving, the client became concerned about the cult-like atmosphere, lengthy hours in sauna and hefty vitamin dosages. After 10 days, she left the program. Her parents alleged no professional counseling; counseling was provided by inexperienced, recent graduates, with less than a year of sobriety.

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