Narconon Joshua Hills

Doing business as:
Desert Rehab Center, Mary’s House, Narconon Joshua Hills, Narconon Palm Springs
Address: 39 Gibralter Drive Palm Desert, CA 92211
County: Riverside
Managed by: Narconon Joshua Hills
Registered Agent: Tiffany Pharmer
39 Gibralter Drive Palm Desert, CA 92211

Locatelli v. Narconon Southern California, Narconon Joshua Hills

Man goes to Narconon rehab for help and gets held against his will; made to endure Scientology teachings and bizarre verbal attacks. Wife sues, on her own without an attorney to help her. This lawsuit was filed in Nevada County, CA by a woman who paid for rehabilitation help for her now husband, only to find out that she was repeatedly deceived and the services were not as promised. Sarah Locatelli, of Grass Valley, CA states that Narconon denied her then fiance any medical care when he needed it and kept him against his will when he asked to leave. He was also made subject to verbal attacks, often of an anti-gay substance. He finally escaped after 4 days and received the medical care he needed.

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Son never went to Narconon, but Mom still had trouble getting her money back

This Mom made a $20,000 down-payment for Narconon to "hold a bed" for her son in February of 2007. After a failed intervention, her son refused treatment, never setting foot in Narconon. Despite multiple requests and enlisting the help of an attorney, she had received no repayment as of June 23, 2008. Dealing with her son and this situation at the same time was extremely stressful for Mom. Finally, on July 28, 2008, a partial refund was received.

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