Narconon Gulf Coast

Doing business as:
Narconon Gulf Coast, Gulf Coast Addiction Treatment, Blu By the Sea
Address: 3391 Scenic Highway 98 East, Destin, FL 32541
County: Okaloosa
Managed by: Narconon Gulf Coast, Inc.
Registered Agent: Deborah V. Ross
3391 Scenic Highway 98 East, Destin, FL 32541

Guidotti v. Narconon Gulf Coast, Inc.; Blu by the Sea, LLC; ABLE; Narconon Int.; Narconon EUS; et. al

The plaintiff in this case (Lucy Guidotti) found the website while conducting an internet search for an alcohol and drug rehab. She alleges this website was for Defendant Narconon Gulf Coast Rehab, although the website advertised the facility only as “Gulf Coast Addiction Treatment” and made no mention of Narconon. The website advertised a 90% success rate, a sauna program that reduced or eliminated drug cravings, individualized treatment, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Lucy called the number listed on the website and spoke to Deborah Ross who reiterated what was advertised on the website, but added that the facility had highly trained psychiatric specialists, a cure for panic attacks, and medical supervision at all times. Lucy paid $40,000 and entered treatment at Narconon Gulf Coast. After starting the program, Lucy claims she saw no highly trained psychiatric specialists, received no continuous medical supervision or cognitive behavioral therapy, and her panic attacks worsened. In fact, she left the program due to medical problems experienced during the sauna portion of the program. The plaintiff makes claims for relief under Civil RICO for Mail and Wire Fraud, Breach of Oral Contract, Fraudulent Misrepresentation, Florida Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act, Misleading Advertising, Negligence, and Unjust Enrichment.

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Penta v. Narconon Gulf Coast, Deborah Ross

Parents of the late Dominic Penta, Jr. were falsely promised that their ill and seriously addicted adult son would be attending a medically accepted addiction treatment program, that he would receive personalized psychotherapy sessions with a licensed mental health counselor, that they would receive weekly phone updates, and that the facility had a full-time physician on staff and on the premises to care for him. When Dominic was wrongfully terminated from the program and banished to a hotel without funds or capacity to care for himself, the Pentas were not notified by the facility. Dominic died of an overdose shortly thereafter. The Penta's sue for a multitude of civil law violations. Update: In May 2015 attorney Ryan A Hamilton was added as co-council on this case.

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Complaint to BBB, Narconon Gulf Coast, April 5, 2013

This couple was initially impressed by the advertised success rate of 90% when searching for addiction treatment for their son. Son complained about scientology teachings at Narconon Gulf Coast while under their care. At the same time, Narconon admitted they were having difficulty detoxing the client, but didn't hesitate to request another payment of $20, 000 before dropping him off at a motel with little to no resources. The family requested a partial refund to arrange for their son's treatment at another location, but Narconon refused. Sadly, their son died of an overdose shortly thereafter.

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Gore v. Narconon Gulf Coast, Debbie Ross

These are the original and later amended complaints filed by Mr. & Mrs. Gore of NY, against Narconon Gulf Coast, Inc. in Destin, FL and Debbie Ross, administrator, for misrepresentations of the program when they found out they had just sent their relative, a Jew, to a Scientology based program. Narconon failed to disclose to the Gores the fact that it is connected with the so-called "Scientology" church or movement. When confronted by the Gores that this was unacceptable, Narconon Gulf Coast administrator Debbie Ross, replied "I understand the family's concerns and I do not want a problem. If [patient] leaves the program, we will prorate the fee." The Gores never received the refund.

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