Arrowhead Detox

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NAFC v. Narconon and Church of Scientology (many defendants)

Plaintiff National Association of Forensic Counselors, Inc. (NAFC) and Plaintiff American Academy of Certified Forensic Counselors, Inc. d/b/a American College of Certified Forensic Counselors (ACCFC) are issuing bodies for certifications in the rehab field, including Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor (CCDC), Master Addictions Counselor (MAC), and others. After finding that numerous Narconon and Scientology related entities and persons were (and are) using their certifications and trademarks without authorization, they have filed a lawsuit in Federal Court seeking to reclaim damages resulting from loss of reputation and money, which resulted in financial enrichment of the 82 defendants, and have asked for an injunction to prevent use in the future. The use of the trademarks implies that the individuals are certified by the Plaintiffs when in fact they are not. This case may have far reaching repercussions on other cases against Narconon.

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Narconon Survey Response #277

This former client of Narconon Arrowhead emphasizes that money is more important than recovery at Narconon. He was told that his insurance would cover his entire stay, but once he was there and signed the contract, he was told that his insurance had quit paying and that he would have to pay an additional $18,000 to continue with the program beyond detox. He describes the living quarters as nice and had no complaints with the housing or the food, however while in detox, he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance 3 times due to severe illness from methadone withdrawal. He spent a total of 13 days in the hospital, and says they almost let him die.

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