A Life Worth Saving

Doing business as:
A Life Worth Living, A Life Worth Saving, Narconon Colorado, Fort Collins New Life Center, Narconon Fort Collins, New Life Retreat
Address: 1225 Redwood Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States
County: Larimer
Managed by: Narconon Fresh Start/Southern California
Registered Agent: A Life Worth Living
PO Box 7057, Broomfield, CO 80021, United States

Narconon Fort Collins Colorado Horror Story

Narconon victim B.K.P. writes "This is my personal experience of my stay at Narconon. Fort Collins, Colorado Facility. To begin with i ask the reader to understand i write this not in anger or personal grudge for what was inflicted on me, it is a warning to parents or to those looking for rehabilitation. I willngly turned myself into Narconon Colorado on what was presented to me by Dan Carmichael as a top notch facility with withdrawl assistance, a doctor and drug counselors and also were compassionate to patients in the withdrawl process--i did not want to suffer as i did in other programs from alcohol withdrawl-- But i did, to my horror, THERE WAS NO COMPASSION or COMFORT only suffering."..... Read on to find out what happened to this person during his time at Narconon's Colorado program now under operating under the names A Life Worth Saving and A Life Worth Living. We also have a blog article on this informal report: http://narcononreviews.net/narconon/i-survived-narconon-narconon-fort-collins-colorado-horror-story/

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Narconon Survey Response #368

This former client describes deplorable facility conditions, unprofessional staff without proper credentials, high staff turnover (average 2 weeks) and little to no medical oversight at Narconon Colorado Fresh Start. As many others have alleged, he reports Narconon staff members were having sexual relations with clients in treatment .

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Narconon Survey Response #352

This survey respondent had a positive experience at Narconon and has been sober for over a year. However, the individual admits that Narconon's purported success rate is false, based on personal observations, and claims the facility lacked medical services or supervision.

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