Informal Reports

Informal reports are one person's story of their experience at Narconon. They are more detailed than an informal complaint, and cover the entirety of the experience, rather than one or two aspects about which the individual has complaints. By their nature, they are generally longer than an informal complaint, but without the authority of a formal report by an organization.

Narconon Fort Collins Colorado Horror Story

Narconon victim B.K.P. writes "This is my personal experience of my stay at Narconon. Fort Collins, Colorado Facility. To begin with i ask the reader to understand i write this not in anger or personal grudge for what was inflicted on me, it is a warning to parents or to those looking for rehabilitation. I willngly turned myself into Narconon Colorado on what was presented to me by Dan Carmichael as a top notch facility with withdrawl assistance, a doctor and drug counselors and also were compassionate to patients in the withdrawl process--i did not want to suffer as i did in other programs from alcohol withdrawl-- But i did, to my horror, THERE WAS NO COMPASSION or COMFORT only suffering."..... Read on to find out what happened to this person during his time at Narconon's Colorado program now under operating under the names A Life Worth Saving and A Life Worth Living. We also have a blog article on this informal report:

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My story as ED Narconon Connecticut

Former scientologist Patty Pieniadz writes about her time as the Executive Director of Narconon Eastern United States ( EUS), then situated in New London, Connecticut. She writes that she was a fairly new 21 year old scientologist and had no qualifications for such a job other than the fact that no one else wanted it. She describes how she learned her way around, and what the true intent of the program is, as well as the background management issues she had to deal with back then (organizationally things have since changed - though not for the better) She spent 27 years in the Scientology and 14 years in the church's 'spy unit', Office of Special Affairs ( formerly known as the Guardian's Office ) Patty left Scientology and later became an outspoken critic of the Narconon Program

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Michael G’s story

Michael G. underwent a frightening experience at Narconon Arrowhead. His parents were referred to Narconon by one of the many Narconon rehab referral scam sites that Narconon operates under fake names.

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Jeff Z’s Story

After three days at Narconon Stone Hawk, this young man alerted his parents to the Narconon-Scientology connection and asked them to conduct a search on the internet for additional information. His parents removed him from the program and began their battle to obtain a refund of the $20, 000 they paid for the program.

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Colin Henderson on Narconon Arrowhead

After admitting to himself that he had a drug problem, Colin Henderson began to consider a drug rehab facility. He rejected 12 step programs because he didn't like the disease model - that addiction is a disease and an addict will forever be an addict; there is no cure. He decided to attend Narconon Arrowhead after being promised by Narconon representatives that he could use his laptop for business purposes and that he could continue taking his blood pressure medicine while in the program. Once in the program, he discovered that he was lied to about these important things. This was just the beginning for Colin - he left the program after about 2 weeks. "There is always good in every situation, no matter how bad the situation. I believe that God lead me to Narconon so that I can help my fellow man." --Colin Henderson

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