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Documents classified as "Documents We Want" are documents we are aware of, primarily lawsuits, but have not been able to obtain yet. Help us out by contributing these documents to the site. This is an additional information type to the ones that fall under Documented and Empirical. Once we obtain them, documents will no longer be classified under this type.

Carr v. NAFC; Karla Taylor; Francis Deisler; et. al.

Clark Carr, President of Narconon International, sues personally and on behalf of others he claims were defrauded by Defendants individually and as officers of NAFC. This case is considered by many to be a diversion tactic from NAFC's lawsuit against Carr, Narconon International, ABLE International, Church of Scientology International, Religious Technology Center, David Miscavige and approximately 80+ other defendants on fraud and misuse of trademarks.

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Erickson v. Narconon International, Narconon Northern California, et al.

This exceptionally disturbing case was filed in California Superior Court at Santa Cruz on June 9, 2004. The plaintiffs had contracted with Narconon to provide in-patient treatment for the wife. When the wife arrived at Narconon, she was put into detoxification at what was called the "withdrawal cabin" which was some distance from the main facility. While the plaintiff was sleeping, a staff member who was a former student and recent graduate of the program entered the cabin, insisted on giving her a "touch assist", and, after a chase that took place outdoors, ultimately raped her.

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Carter v. Narconon Southern California, Gerry Marshall, Does 1-100

This case involves an employee of Narconon who was injured as a result of dangerous working conditions and premises while participating in Narconon's "Ethics Cycle" (punishment). Narconon had failed to provide Workers Compensation Insurance. Plaintiff also alleges he was assaulted and battered by another of Narconon's employees.

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