We have used many resources from many people to build this site. This site would not be possible without the contributions of these people, and we’d like to give credit to the original providers where possible. If we have missed you on this page, or if we need to change or update something listed here, please drop us a line, and let us know.

Information and Documents

We would be nothing without our information and documents collected about Narconon, drug rehabs, and substance abuse. These are, by far the most important aspect of our site, and without them, there would be no Narconon Reviews. Below are a few of those who have provided information for us to add to this site.

Unique to our site, the Narconon Survey Responses provided to us by the shadowy Downtown Independent Research Team comprise a large amount of our information on the site. With answers by actual former clients of Narconon, and given in the way that only the people who have experienced Narconon from a first hand perspective can, the survey responses offer a personal look at Narconon. We’d like to thank the Downtown Independent Research Team and all of the unnamed people who responded to the survey, whether they marked their survey to be public or private. You have contributed to the public knowledge about Narconon in a valuable way. Thank you!

A large number of our Lawsuit documents came from Mary McConnell, who collects and offers them on her scribd site. She has also provided many summaries of the lawsuits for us. We jokingly refer to Mary as our “lawsuit specialist”, but she is much more than that.

We also want to show our gratitude and respect to the courageous victims who have sued the various Narconons, and to their bold attorneys who agreed to take their cases, sometimes before they were fully aware of what they were getting into.

Site Design and Graphics

This site might still be here, but it certainly wouldn’t have the look and feel it does without the following contributors. While many people may overlook the efforts that go into creating a web site in their enthusiasm to get to the content, user experience counts for more than many people realize, and these people deserve our thanks, whether they’re aware they’ve helped us or not.

Renowned as the most used blogging software on the web, WordPress has grown far beyond a simple blogging platform, and has allowed us to create an intricate interweaving of our varied content. We are indebted to all the tireless contributors to this Open Source project, including those who create plugins for added functionality, bloggers who post snippets of code, and those who answer questions and write articles to deepen other people’s understanding of how WordPress works. Find WordPress at

We are using the Catalyst Theme for WordPress which allows us to manipulate the presentation of our site with its built-in features that save programming time and reduce the number of plug-ins we need to achieve our needs. While Catalyst Theme is a premium (not free) theme framework and has a bit of a steep learning curve, we feel it has been well worth the reasonable cost and expended energy. The efforts of Eric Hamm and the gang on the Catalyst support forums have been invaluable in learning to work with this powerful software. If you’re looking for a WordPress Theme that can be be customized to look virtually any way you envision, check out Catalyst Theme at

The folder icon used in the Narconon Reviews logo was created by ~Murakumon and served as the inspiration for our site design.

The corkboard graphic used on our blog comments section is thanks to Herbert Fahrnholz at NOCTUA Graphics.

The icons used on this site have come from the following people who share their work for free and allow sites like this to look better:

Family, Friends, and Pets

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to thank our families, friends, and yes, even our pets, for putting up with us and our obsession without (much) complaining, for their moral support and belief in what we were doing, and for giving up time they would have liked to have spent with us, so that we could research and create this site.

Hugs and Kisses to you all!
Yes, kisses even to our pets.