A new approach in the treatment of cocaine, heroin and nicotine addiction

What if there was a vaccine for drug addiction?

According to a recent National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) article, a new cocaine vaccine stops the effects of the drug before it reaches the brain.  Studies indicate that the vaccine prompts the immune system to create antibodies that bind to the drug while it’s still in the bloodstream. A vaccine for nicotine addiction is set for clinical trials, and another for heroin addiction is in development at The Scripps Research Institute.

This development is promising, as no drug therapy currently exists for treatment of cocaine abuse and addiction. The vaccines have yet to be studied in humans, but could provide additional support for drug users to break free from their dependency.

What will this mean for drug treatment?

In a Palm Beach Daily News article, researchers suggest that the vaccines won’t be a quick fix and that booster shots may be needed – something that clinical trials will inform. The vaccines should be compatible with all “conventional” treatments, they say.

Only time will tell if these vaccines will prevent future drug-related health problems, incarceration and deaths.

More info is available at the National Institute on Drug Abuse article:  Cocaine vaccine stops cocaine in its tracks and at The Scripps Research Institute website.

What will this mean for Narconon?


Source: NIH – National Institute on Drug Abuse

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