Narconon Documentation

We have information about specific Narconon branches that we invite you to peruse. These are categorized in three ways, Information Type (Documented and Empirical), Narconon Location (by physical location), and Narconon Management (the managing organization).

Narconon Locations and Management are probably self-explanatory, but the Information Type may need some explanation, therefore we have listed the Information Types below, along with a description of what each type consists of.

When we add new types of information, this page will automatically reflect the new Information Types. Each type links to a list of those documents that falls within that category.

You may also use the right sidebar menu to access these documents, which shows how many documents we have of each type. For instance, if you wanted to find all information related to Narconon Arrowhead, located in Canadian, Oklahoma, United States, under “Narconon Location” click the plus sign [+] next to “US”, then drill your way down through Oklahoma, and Canadian, in the same manner. You can also use the Search feature to the right of the menu bar on each page to search for a specific facility.

Below are the descriptions of the Information Types.