Police Records, Narconon Colorado, May 19, 2011

Narconon Location(s): Narconon Colorado - A Life Worth Saving
Agency Name: Fort Collins Police Department
Agency Type: Local Law Enforcement
Record Type(s): detail logs, detail reports
Incident Date: May 19, 2011


In this police report, a patient at Narconon Colorado had become suicidal, was hallucinating and had a knife, which he later surrendered. When police arrived, the patient told them he was not allowed to take his regular medications while at Narconon. Police took him into protective custody on a mental health hold and transported him to a local hospital for evaluation. During the drive, he told police about his experience with scientology’s training routines while hallucinating, saying, “They’re crazy over there and they make us do weird stuff.”

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Local Link to Record: http://narcononreviews.net/documents/public_safety_doc/PublicSafety-Colorado-ALifeWorthSaving-2011-05-19-FortCollinsPolice.pdf

Alternate Link to Record: https://www.muckrock.com/foi/fort-collins-5829/fort-collins-police-records-on-narconon-colorado-scientology-drug-rehab-17685/#comm-157186