Weekend Narconon News Roundup #9

Despite sluggish investigation, Narconon Arrowhead remains in the news.
Many Narconon watchers have been frustrated by the lack of progress in the Oklahoma investigation of Narconon Arrowhead. Some, including attorney Gary Richardson, have called the current investigation, led by Sheriff Joel Kerns, a whitewash.

According to McAlester News-Capital, Sheriff Kerns’ son was arrested on August 29th after burglarizing his parents home along with his girlfriend.  Braden Kerns was reported to have been released to his parents and quickly whisked off to rehab. Hopefully, Dad has investigated enough to know better than to send Braden to Narconon.

Judge’s order to demand release of employee documents from Narconon Arrowhead
Heather Landemeier’s family filed a civil suit in 2010 against Narconon Arrowhead, alleging that Narconon staff members gave Heather drugs in exchange for sex resulting in an overdose that left Heather as an incapacitated adult. The documents that could prove this have been the subject of intense debate.

Just after KRMG News Talk Radio and other news outlets reported the pending release of these documents relating to the alleged Narconon Arrowhead employee misconduct, Jeanne Le Flore of the McAlister News reported that the ruling had been postponed.

Then color us surprised! We learned that The Oklahoma Supreme Court denied Narconon Arrowhead’s request to keep these potentially damaging documents protected back in 2012. The documents may reveal that Narconon employees were exchanging sex for drugs with patients. Narconon claims that releasing the documents would violate protected health information due to Narconon’s frequent practice of hiring former patients. Apparently, the Oklahoma Supreme Court disagrees, leaving us unsure as to why a ruling by the lower court is required. If you understand, please tell us in the comments below.

Landmeier Family Statement
Mary M. received a message yesterday from a Landmeier family member who, among other things, said “We are praying that next week we will receive good news from Heather’s court date.”  This prompted Mary to look at the court docket to see if a new date was already set… and indeed it has been! The new court date is September 25, 2013 at 10 a.m.

We have some of the court documents from earlier in the case on our Landmeier v. Narconon Arrowhead, Narconon International, and Social Betterment Properties page. We would like to have the rest of them. If one of our readers can acquire them, please let us know.

Best Drug Rehab continues to be a frequent flyer on Ripoff Report
Mary McConnell made us aware of a recent Ripoff Report complaint about Best Drug Rehab on the Reaching for the Tipping Point forum that not only made our skin crawl, but also brought to light yet another way the insurance companies may be getting scammed.

I sent my daughter ( from Oklahoma) to Best Drug Rehab & Detox, the detox is located in Battlecreek, Mich. This was our familys first time dealing with a drug rehab of any sort, This place is Real Fast to book a flight for your loved one and they can do this and pay for it because its the LAST ticket they have, one of the administrators Brandon) had her take pills before boarding the flight to calm her down because this was her first time on a plane( pay attion I mention why he wanted her to take the pills later)  my daughter had her cell and 40.00 cash ( pay attention this comes up later too) on her until arriving at the detox, First the diver ( whom was dressed like a straight thug) was 1 1/2 hrs late picking her up at the airport, they fly into detroit ( altho there is an international airport right there in battlecreek), the driver drove 90-100 on the hwy with MY daughter in the car, he stopped at a truck stop to make a drug deal, drugs where then offered to my daughter, on the way to detox, she called once there and said to me over the phone in front of staff, “the reason he wanted me to take the pills was so I would test positive for drugs so they can file the insurance clam with our insurance company”, It only went down hill from there,…

Another member, “source”, who has become a regular poster on Reaching for the Tipping Point, suggested that unless this actually happened, this parent would have to be fairly knowledgeable about drug treatment and insurance to come up with this particular allegation. We believe every word of her complaint. Let us know what you think!

Miss Fortune is keeping us apprised of happenings at Per Wickstrom’s Michigan drug rehabs on her blog, Glistening, Quivering Underbelly.  Best Drug Rehab and A Forever Recovery both were found to be “not in substantial compliance” with Michigan state regulations after recent state inspections, and Tranquility Detox, which is used by both BDR and AFR, doesn’t even have a license! The citations included violations of human rights, among other things. See Miss Fortune’s story for all the details!

This wraps up another week of the never-ending bad PR raining down on Narconon and its clones. We say, “Let it pour! When will the thunder and lightening arrive?” Your guess is as good as ours.

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    Mary McConnell

    What a week!! Thanks for the details. It’s looking bad for Narconon overall.

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    I linked to you on my blogroll, thanks for the good work.

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