Weekend Narconon News Roundup #6

Narconon of Georgia has more insurance problems!
A new lawsuit has been filed by Evanston Insurance Company against Narconon of Georgia and its “partners in crime.” We believe Narconon of Georgia is not long for this world, due to their previous insurance fraud problems, their licensing problems which we discussed in Roundup #4, and rumor has it they’ve lost their clients and staff, but they are still having more problems with insurance. We have a separate story about Narconon’s Recurring Insurance Nightmare.

John Travolta still pushing Narconon
John Travolta made an appearance at the “Church” of Scientology Celebrity Centre 44th Anniversary Gala last Saturday, and made an impromptu (oh, really?) speech, which Entertainment Tonight just happened to catch. In the speech, he said, “We’ve lost way too many artists to drugs,” and proceeded to discuss what we recognize as the “Church” of Scientology’s Narconon program, but without ever mentioning the name Narconon.

I believe this must be the first time that John Travolta hasn’t named Narconon when referring to the “church’s rehab”, but why was it different this time? Was it just by chance? Did John just forget to mention the name? Or has he been cautioned against linking the “Church” of Scientology to Narconon, in light of the lawsuits against Narconon that are filing evidence in the courts to do just that? Ya think? Don’t worry, Li’l Davey Miscavige, there’s other evidence of that. By the way, we agree about too many artists being lost to drugs, but we definitely don’t agree with John’s proposed solution.

Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega posted about two things that will be of interest to our readers. The first, and far less lucid (which is saying a lot), was a response by Per Wickstrom and A Forever Recovery to his lawsuit against the Pennfield Charter Township having been moved to Federal Court, which we mentioned in last week’s Narconon News Roundup. According to Tony’s legal expert, the response consisted of a lot of whining about nothing. To me, it appeared to have been hastily composed, and appears to have possibly been a first draft that was let out too soon, with the font size changing noticably throughout. The wording and grammar made the text hard to follow, and punctuation was poor. Oh, what about the content? For some reason, Per Wickstrom really doesn’t want this case in Federal Court. Perhaps he’s just got too much on his plate these days. Perhaps it’s something else…

The other item Tony posted about is a response to a motion by Plaintiffs in the class action case against Narconon of Georgia, International, ABLE, and RTC for a court order requiring the State of Georgia to preserve evidence from the insurance fraud investigation. Narconon of Georgia says:

NNGA has no objection to the principle of preservation of evidence. The present motion, however, is not well-taken.

and then goes on to give 2 reasons why the motion should not be granted.

  1. The Court Has No Jurisdiction Over Non-Parties.
  2. Plaintiffs Have Failed to Adduce Evidence of a “Risk of Loss.”

One has to wonder, if NNGA has no objection to the principle of preservation of evidence, why they have a problem with the motion, and why they would be making the state’s legal arguments for them.   Maybe their problem is not with the principle, but with the practice?

Narconon argues first that “NNGA knows of no evidence suggesting that the State will violate its statutory obligations to return seized property” (to Narconon).  Then they argue that Plaintiffs “have failed to adduce any evidence that the documents in the hands of the State are at risk.”

Considering that it was apparent to even the Court in the Desmond case that Narconon withheld and/or destroyed evidence during discovery, we think that the Plaintiffs are likely more concerned about what might happen to the evidence once it’s returned to Narconon than they are with it in the custody of the state.  I’m sure the Plaintiffs’ attorneys haven’t forgotten about that either.  Are you really sure you want to go there again, Narconon?

New Documents
We’ve added two new document pages to the site, and have many, many more formatted and waiting for summaries to be written before they’re posted. Look for them soon! Here are the two new ones this week:

I think that’s it for this week.  If we’ve missed anything, we want to hear about it! Tell us about it below.  ↓

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