Weekend Narconon News Roundup #3

In 1955, L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, said, in A Manual on the Dissemination of the Material: “… We do not want Scientology to be reported in the press anywhere else than in the religious pages of newspapers …” In “Scientology Five – Press Policies” from 1963, he said: “We prefer no press because it slows our word-of-mouth amongst the people.” Well, Scientology’s drug rehab, Narconon, has managed to get themselves in the news again this week.

Narconon Arrowhead Detox closed
By far, the biggest and best news item of the week is that Narconon Arrowhead’s Medical Detox in McAlester, OK has closed and their website is down. Jeff Desmukes of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Services is quoted as saying “Their temporary permit has expired and Arrowhead Medical Detox is not certified for medical detox.” They had a 6-month temporary permit to operate that expired on May 16, after Narconon Arrowhead failed to correct deficiencies found by the state during earlier inspections, according to Desmukes. A new one has not been issued, but attorney David Riggs, of Tulsa spoke for Narconon and said “Narconon plans to file a new application for certification and intends to reopen Arrowhead Medical Detox by the end of the year.” We won’t hold our breath, but we will followup on this if and when there is something new to report. Links:

Teague Case Going to Trial
The gruesome case, Teague v. Narconon Freedom Center and A Forever Recovery, in which a man (Teague) suffering from withdrawals set himself on fire, is in the process of taking depositions and is scheduled for trial in January 2014.

Tranquility Detox and Per Wickstrom’s Evil Empire

Per Wickstrom is trying to expand his evil empire from Michigan into Indiana. Miss Fortune alerted us about this in April, Tranquility Detox: Alive and Well In South Bend, IN, and Mary McConnell followed up with some additional information on Tipping Point. Miss Fortune
has just told us today about more proposed expansion under the name Great Lakes Treatment Centers, Inc. and a new Indiana Best Drug Rehabilitation. Considering that his existing facilities in Michigan – Best Drug Rehab, A Forever Recovery, Best Choice Rehab, and Tranquility Detox – are so poorly run that they’re allegedly under investigation, we think perhaps he’s trying to escape his reputation by moving into another state. Here’s video of the planned Tranquility Detox in South Bend, Indiana, compliments of the Suppressa Palooza Tour:

Narconon Arrowhead Investigation Continues
News 9 in Oklahoma reminded people that there is still an ongoing investigation into the deaths at Narconon Arrowhead. Due to the length of time the investigation is taking, and some oversights by Sheriff Joel Kerns of Pittsburg County during his investigation, a petition has been created to have the Sheriff’s investigation investigated. The petition states:

The families and public have waited for closure, but have been disappointed to learn of statements and a general lack of action taken by Joel Kerns, that could lead a reasonable person to believe he is not capable or willing to resolve this matter. In fact his actions could appear to show favoritism to the institution that he has the duty to investigate and clearly his public statements have been not impartial.

Read the entire petition and sign it here: Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General: Evaluate the investigation of Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns.

Narconon Reviews
We have added 3 new Survey Responses to the site:

And 2 new Informal Complaints

Copycat Narconon
Update: LOL! It seems Narconon in Italy is now doing news updates too, just started this past Thursday. They say, “Every week we will offer you some news of our Network!” Can’t tell if it happened by 2:00, though.

That’s it for this week, unless we missed something. Did we? Talk to us below.

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