The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 7)

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Traditional Treatment Facility Response to Current Internet Marketing Struggles
Narconon isn’t alone in the increased expense of marketing on the internet. Traditional treatment facilities have been affected as well. Many facilities find they cannot compete financially in the internet marketing arena. For a lower cost program, it is impossible to spend $6000 on a client when their program only costs $10,000 to attend. However, what is unique about Narconon is their terrible reputation. Narconon is losing much more business than a traditional treatment center due to all the negative reviews that are out there.

So what are traditional facilities doing?

Well, many are focusing on their local communities once again. Reaching back out to traditional networks such as therapists, counselors, and other professionals in the community. In addition, they are scaling their internet marketing to “geo-targeting”, in which they only pay for ads that show in a specific region — focusing once again on clients that are local to their treatment center. It is much more cost effective to compete locally rather than nationally.

Those who became dependent on internet search results (just like Narconon) are struggling to adapt, but they are changing. They are remembering where they started, and going back to basics.

But Narconon?

There is no “back to basics” for Narconon. They had no traditional local networks. Their neighborhoods don’t always think highly of them. Local newspapers are writing about them. Therapists won’t refer to them unless they are unaware of their connections. And their reputation is almost unsalvageable. If Narconon focused on local clients, sooner or later the local area surrounding a Narconon would be saturated with relapsed clients, clients who felt ripped off and lied to, and clients who told disturbing stories about some of the unethical behaviors that occurred among staff and students at a Narconon. And when the saturation hit a critical point, local newspapers, law enforcement agencies, and certification agencies would begin to take more notice. Narconon could never survive with a local client base for long.

So, where does that leave them?

We wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t look at how these devastating consequences are affecting things at an internal level… or at the individual level within Narconon. We are now going to look at how devastating statistics can create a downward spiral, internally, within the Sales office of a Narconon. The tech that should be saving them has become a snake eating its tail within a Narconon Sales office.

We are going to look at how a Narconon Sales office is run and the effect all of this negativity is having on the individual sales staff. How can we know? Do we have some sort of a crystal ball? Well, actually no. But it’s pretty simple.

Because Narconon is, essentially, run in the same way as every other Scientology related organization, it isn’t too difficult to figure out what is happening inside. Why? Because every Scientology Org is locked in to “applying the tech” as written by L. Ron Hubbard, years ago. And Narconon staff members, like every Scientology staff member, must adhere to, apply and work the various “conditions” and their corresponding formula, depending on where they, their department or division, or their group is, statistically speaking. If stats are high, they must do x,y and z, according to the conditions. If stats are low, they must do a, b, and c.

Before we get into Conditions too deeply, let’s glimpse into a Narconon Sales Office, usually referred to within a Narconon as “Division 6”.

You’ve just graduated from Narconon and they’ve offered you a job on the sales lines.

It’s your first day…

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