Narconon Reviews: 2 Years and Still Standing Tall

Despite someone’s best efforts to get us off the web, we’re still here and Standing Tall.

As of today, Narconon Reviews has been here to help people navigate the murky business dealings of Narconon and Clones for two years. It’s our 2nd Anniversary!

Thanks to all our supporters for visiting, linking, promoting, and just generally helping us get the word out, helping the people who need the site to find it.

Looking back at the post we opened with, I see that there are a few things we thought we’d do and haven’t accomplished yet.

On the other hand, we’ve accomplished SO MUCH MORE than we ever dreamed of!

When we first opened:

I know there’s stuff I’ve missed, but we’ve got an anniversary to celebrate! Help us out in the comments if you think of any other good changes over the last 2 years.

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  1. From the Desk of...
    Mary McConnell

    Thanks for the good news!! Can’t believe 2 years have gone by already! So much accomplished, yet so much more to do…

    This site has become a major resource for people to get information: On Narconon and the unbranded programs run by Per Wickstrom, great articles on what to do when looking for a rehab, where to complain, where to check for license information. So many lawsuit and agency complaints, inspections… patient surveys that speak for themselves on the issues this site was founded on to prevent others from having to go through. To educate the public. That is quite an accomplishment!!

    It’s hard to go back in time and remember what was not happening before the site went up, but I’ll give it some thought and comment again soon. I see the first ever article here included plans to eventually do interviews. That sounds like a fun plan to start working on!

    Happy Anniversary and Kudos to Ann – the glue which keeps the site together and going! It’s been a great working with you and the other contributors!

  2. Kelly From the Desk of...

    Happy Anniversary, Ann! I’ll never forget the site first opening, or the amount of time and effort you put into it. I’m happy to be a small part of a group effort. Many people have been informed and helped by this site. Thanks for everything you do and to all who have contributed.

  3. From the Desk of...

    Congrats on 2 years of sharing fact based information on the con known as narCONon..

  4. From the Desk of...

    Congrats on mainataining the ability to stand tall for 2 years. It is great to see positive things from you. Keep up the great work


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