Narconon Hurts a Little Girl

Narconon has hurt a lot of people before, but this time they have hit a new low. An innocent little 6 year old girl is being used as a weapon in their battle to try to keep the Narconon ship afloat and money flowing.

Luke is a former president of Narconon Arrowhead who has provided valuable information to some well-placed people about Narconon’s operations since he left Narconon and Scientology. He also authored a piece on this site, How Narconon Drug Education is a Form of Scientology Indoctrination, which every potential attendee of Narconon’s rehab or drug education programs should read.

Luke posted yesterday on his blog that his ex-wife Erica is trying to use their daughter Ella as a tool to silence him, to keep him from talking about the things Narconon doesn’t want people to know. What kind of mother would use a child like this?

Wake up, Erica! Luke is not the only one you’re hurting.

Luke displays a great degree of integrity in not bowing to the demands of his ex-wife and her “church”, although I’m quite sure it’s causing him a lot of pain to remain true to himself. He’s a father that his daughter will be proud of one day, when she can understand what happened.

Read Luke’s post, Keep Honking. I’m Reloading. Read about his and Ella’s father-daughter relationship, and the hateful words of Erica when Luke changed his mind about being a Scientologist, as told in a snippet from his book, Have You Told All?

Then come up to present time: Catton Communications, Luke’s company, needs clients so Luke can afford to hire an attorney and fight in court for his daughter. Her entire future depends on it.

Hire him, if you can use his services. Buy his book if you haven’t already. If you have, buy one for a friend. If you’re a lawyer, please get in touch with Luke and offer him your services pro-bono. Let’s see if we can put this father and daughter together again.

Thank you for reading.

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