National Association of Forensic Counselors Sues Narconon and Church of Scientology

And many, many more entities and individuals. The complaint is located at:
NAFC v. Narconon and Church of Scientology (many defendants).

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  1. From the Desk of...

    I dearly hope this lawsuit is viewed by both the mainstream media AND the addiction rehab industry.

    • Ann From the Desk of...

      I hope so, too, Matthew. I also hope the state agencies who have licensed Narconon now or in the past will take note of the willingness to lie about anything so long as it advances Narconon’s and Scientology’s agenda. Thank you for your comment.

      • From the Desk of...

        My boyfriend is there now and I am terrified we paid 33,000 for treatment and he is terrified. What do we do to fix it he needs serious long term treatment now. I dont want this for him I feel horrible we thought this place was perfect the rest of the family has no idea whats going on only me. Please help!

  2. Kelly From the Desk of...

    Press release from Richardson, Richardson, Boudreaux & Keesling on the lawsuit found here:

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