Kudos to Citizen Action – Efforts to Keep Narconon Out of Maryland

Narconon has purchased a property in Frederick County near Thurmont, Maryland which, if they get their way, will be turned into a Narconon “Group Home”.

The property, currently referred to as Trout Run (also as Richey Lodge), requires an approval for rezoning before it can be used for Narconon’s stated purpose. Voting by the county commissioners has been postponed twice. If it eventually passes the rezoning approval, it would have to comply with more stringent requirements in order to be legally licensed as a drug rehab facility in Maryland than it would be required to meet as a group home.

We at Narconon Reviews have little confidence that the facility will be limited to use as a group home, though, as Narconon’s history shows an unwillingness to abide by rules and regulations, and we expect they will silently turn it into yet another toxic Narconon drug rehab facility once the initial approval is made.

The forum at Reaching for the Tipping Point became aware of these plans in May of 2014: “Narconon Trout Run in Maryland ( marketed as in DC but no where near DC)“, but could find few details because the original application to the zoning board was made under an assumed name, West Coast Property Investment, Inc., which is no longer in existence.

Now more details have emerged. “Social Betterment Properties International”, a Scientology-related entity listed with the IRS as a tax-exempt religious organization, is now managing the attempt at rezoning. We wonder what effect this will have on the numerous lawsuits in which Narconon’s claim to be secular is a matter of contention.

A group of citizens from the area have formed a Facebook group to organize against Narconon: No Narconon Trout Run, and a WordPress.com site to keep people up to date on the current happenings: No Narconon at Trout Run. Narconon is displeased at this degree of citizen involvement and organization, so much so that some of the individuals in this group have even experienced stalking and harassment by people associated with Narconon, and yet the citizens have refused to back down.

We salute the involved citizens!

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    Mary McConnell

    Great article, Ann! The people in this community that are saying NO NARCONON TROUT RUN are so nice and concerned. I really enjoyed meeting those who attended the 2 community information meetings held this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday in Frederick County, MD. It was also wonderful to see David Love and the love of his life, former DC Org scientologist, and staff member, Cheryl.., too!

  2. From the Desk of...

    New York Times has a fairly solid story about Trout Run at http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/21/us/scientology-narconon-trout-run-maryland.html?_r=1

    ’til next time;

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