Clay v. Social Betterment Development Company dba New Life Center San Francisco

Cody Bates' mother had searched on the internet, and called Holly Conklin, "the intervention angel". Holly Conklin recommended New Life Center San Francisco for an extended program of medical detoxification, residential rehabilitation, along with vocational rehabilitation life and job skills. Cody arrived on Friday, August 24, 2007, with a prescription for medicine used for detoxification of opiates. Cody’s mother was promised he would be kept under observation throughout the withdrawal experience. On August 25th or 26th, Cody’s mother received a call from staff stating that Cody had made threats, while in the withdrawal process, to hurt or kill himself. Staff finally agreed to put Cody on “24 hour suicide watch” but failed to observe and attend to Cody as promised. In the midst of severe withdrawal symptoms, Cody committed suicide by hanging.

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