Narconon Southern California (a Nevada corporation)

Narconon Southern California is a Nevada corporation which is the legal owner of one facility in Caliente, Nevada which goes by the names Rainbow Canyon Retreat, Rainbow Canyon Recovery, Rainbow Ranch, and Narconon Nevada.

Narconon Survey Response #361

In this survey response, a mother describes how her daughter went to Narconon for treatment of alcoholism, but left with a new drug problem. Like many others, she describes a general lack of medical and professional staff, or supervision, and male night visitors in her daughters room at Narconon.

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Complaint Against Narconon Nevada & Narconon Southern California 2009

This complainant's daughter is a former client of Narconon in Nevada, and has a pre-existing gall bladder condition. She became violently sick when forced to take high doses of vitamins and minerals, and "when she sought medical assistance for her gall bladder condition she was told that Narconon was not a medicating facility and to 'get over it'." She was unable to speak candidly with the parent on the phone due to monitoring by Narconon staff, but the parent removed her from Narconon, and put her in another program after checking its credentials. The daughter was well into the 90-day program, and doing fine as of the time the complaint was written.

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Narconon Newport Beach, Another satisfied customer… Complaint to California Attorney General, March 26, 2008

This complaint details non-refundable pre-payments of $3000 for detox at Newport Beach and $27,000 for Narconon services, the latter was not delivered. The patient was taken off all medications and then declared "too heavy a user". No paperwork or receipts were received and no time spent at Narconon, no contract signed and refunds refused. They were not told of the ties to Scientology.

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2010-05-13 Complaint Letter to Discover Financial Services

This complaint letter about Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge and Narconon Newport Beach to Discover Financial Services goes into great detail about the experiences of a former client of Narconon. The author describes how she was deceived by a "fake referral site" and was never told that the referral was to Narconon until she received an emailed credit card statement.

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