A Forever Recovery

Doing business as:
A Forever Recovery
Address: 216 Mary's Lake Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49017
County: Calhoun
Managed by: Per A. Wickstrom
Registered Agent: Phillip B. Slot
7 Monroe Center NW, Suite 77, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

A Forever Recovery – Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, March 27, 2015

The client made multiple allegations in this complaint including not being advised of Recipient's Rights, or a rights program contact, and being required to submit to random drug testing without a chain of command to secure samples. As a result of this inspection, a recommendation was made for A Forever Recovery to provide Recipient's Rights brochures to each client with a rights program contact. Additionally, the program was required to add language to their policies and procedures on securing all drug screens collected.

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Does medication provide the tranquility at Tranquility Detox?

These parents became concerned when their 19-year-old son was transferred from Best Drug Rehab to Tranquility Detox, without their knowledge. According to the parents, an intake counselor in Manistee refused to let them speak to their son on the phone. More research about the Narconon program caused alarm. Calls were placed to the Michigan Attorney General's office and Law Enforcement in both counties, where officials assured them the program was dangerous. One or both parents traveled to Michigan to remove son from the program.. On arrival at the facility, their son refused to leave the program, but appeared heavily medicated. He wrote a letter of refusal, on the spot, which the parents believe was coached or coerced.

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Complaint against A Forever Recovery, July 29, 2013

This complainant was made to change their address with the insurance company to the facility's and open a new credit card as guarantee of payment. They were also required to sign a Durable Power of Attorney so the facility could act in the husband's name to ensure payment.

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Complaint against Best Drug Rehab, May 10, 2013

This complaint describes deplorable conditions at the facility - no hot water, and the cold water being yellow, clients with infectious diseases with no precautions taken to contain the diseases, a client with a known food allergy who was taken to the emergency room because of food supplied by the facility, and failure to provide paperwork for the writer to return to work.

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