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Navarrete v. Narconon Fresh Start and DOES 1 through 50, inclusive

Plaintiff Navarette, represented by experienced attorney Danielle K Wakefield, sues Narconon Fresh Start, et al, for Breach of Contract, Violations of California CIVIL CODE § 1770 et seq, Fraud - Intentional Concealment, Fraud - Misrepresentation, Conversion, and Unfair Competition (BUS & PROF CODE § 17200) concerning his payment for, and contract with, defendants for his daughter's addiction and mental health co-disorders. There are many new and familiar issues laid out in this complaint by yet another parent deceived while trying to help their loved one. Well worth reading the lawsuit document in full. Attorney Wakefield is fighting against Narconon's attempt to try and enforce the 'arbitration' clause within the contract. This is an important case for future litigation by others who have signed the newer agreements designed by Narconon to avert being sued. We wish Ms. Wakefield much success.

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Fauteux et al v. Narconon International, ABLE International, et al

This is a Complaint for Damages regarding the November 6, 2015 wrongful death of Tabatha Fauteux, a graduate of the Narconon Fresh Start program in Harlingen, TX , who was sent to Los Angeles as a trainee - housed and trained under the control and supervision of Narconon Int & ABLE, who tried to recruit Tabatha into joining Scientology with great pressure and against her wishes. The complaint's First Causes of Action are Wrongful Death Survival Action - meaning for the parents as survivors and for damages the Decedent (Tabatha) would be entitled to had she survived. The defendants are Narconon Int, ABLE, and those as yet unnamed as liable parties to this case. "Plaintiffs are informed and believe, and based thereupon allege, that at all times herein mentioned, Defendants, and each of them, knew that as a result of their course of conduct in bringing Tabatha to Los Angels as a Trainee" knowing that Tabatha was a former heroin addict, controlling Tabatha's living environment with knowledge that Tabatha was in effect being held hostage by Defendants, pressuring Tabatha to join the Church of Scientology and in providing herbal drugs to mimic the effects of opioid drugs, including heroin, would likely result in Tabatha relapsing to using heroin" This is one of the most important Narconon lawsuits we have seen. Please read our blog article and the complaint itself linked below

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Does #1 and #2 v. Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc. and Tranquility Detox

Plaintiffs names are confidential due to Doe #2 having been a minor child while attending the program. Doe #1, the parent, was fraudulently assured that Best Drug Rehabilitation was the only Michigan ' juveniles only' drug rehab program, after being told there were none in Indiana. The claims in this case against Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc (BDR) and Tranquility Detox are for Fraud, Credit Card/Application Fraud, Unjust Enrichment, Breach of Contract, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. There are 115 statements supporting the above claims, one more disturbing than the next, about the minor child attending Tranquility Detox and Best Drug Rehab, falsehoods told to the parent, and fraudulent actions taken by the defendants in order to make the sale. No one should have to go through what happened, much less a minor child and a caring and vulnerable parent. 2 names mentioned in the complaint are Darwin Dixon, the salesman, and Brian Basil, the interventionist Dixon referred the parent to. Read what they said and did to get the child to arrive. Also, read what happened at Tranquility Detox, then on the long drive from there to the Best Drug Rehab in program in Manistee, MI 2 days later; what was going on there, what the minor was made to deal with before he secretly called home, before BDR director Amber Howe assured the parent that the minor was not telling the truth and they have an 85% success rate. The next day, the minor finally walked away, found a phone, called his family to come get him and waited while they drove 7 hours to rescue him from the traumatic nightmare. This case was settled.

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Best Drug Rehabilitation v. Does 1, 2 & 3

This case demonstrates why one should never take the word of a rehab program representative that your insurance will cover the program claims. Especially the word of a Narconon or unbranded Narconon program representative, such as the one mentioned in the counter-claim against this lawsuit. Here, Plaintiff Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc, an unbranded Narconon program, owned and operated by high level public scientologist Per Wickstrom, filed a collection type lawsuit in Virginia against 3 family members for 'Breach of Contract' and Unjust Enrichment. The defendants filed their response pro se, meaning without professionallegal representation, and included a counter-claim with accusations that we at Narconon Reviews have all come to see so often. Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc. (BDR, as we tend to call it ) then attempted to squash the defendants' counterclaim by asserting they lacked jurisdiction in VA. Why? Because the contract they had signed stated that all disputes would be heard in the state of Michigan. We had to chuckle at the defendants' response. You will, too, I'm sure. In the end, Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc. came to see they would get nowhere with this claim, and would be subject to an out-of-state-lawsuit that would expose their deceptive trade and program practices, causing a marketing nightmare should it go any further. Both parties agreed to end their cases by mutual dismissal of both lawsuits before the court. The order includes that the claims of both cases are permanently barred from being reheard by any court again. The documents are easy to read, explosive and damaging to BDR. They reflect sales and program practices and problems encountered, as mentioned in numerous Narconon and unbranded program lawsuits we have documented here at Narconon Reviews. The defendants' names, court location and complaint case number were already redacted when we received documents, but we are familiar with the case from the beginning, and want to thank those who assisted these victims address this lawsuit, particularly the diligent consumers in this case, the volunteer legal advisors who came to their aid and the referrers to them from Virginia and elsewhere. Please take a few minutes to read about professional concerns sent to us regarding what occurred in this case, others like it, and how to avoid being sued: Alert: Insurance Coverage & Collections Issues…ollection-issues/

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Serenity Point, Michigan Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, December 1, 2015

The complainant made multiple allegations to the Michigan Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs about rampant alcohol use by staff and clients, sexual activity between clients and staff, loud music and smoking throughout the facility, a general lack of security and program structure. Additionally, the complainant alleged that money held on account for the client was withheld on discharge. Serenity point denied knowledge of the majority of allegations, pointing to policies and procedures in place, but was cited for failing to return personal funds to the client in a timely manner. The agency was unable to substantiate all claims.

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Serenity Point, Michigan Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, October 30, 2015

The complainant alleged that her son was not allowed to take his medication for bipolar disorder and that he acquired a strep throat infection left untreated while under the care of Serenity Point. In response, Serenity Point claimed the client was informed that the center was not equipped to treat clients with dual diagnosis on admission and denied knowledge of his illness or symptoms of sore throat. No violations were cited.

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