How to Help

We are a small group of volunteers and we need your help!

If you have found this site helpful, you like what we’re doing here, and you want to support what we do, there are multiple ways to help us out. We’ve listed some of them below, and you may even think of a way to help that hasn’t occurred to us.

Documents and Information!
We love documents and information! We get really excited about paper and scanned files! Unusual, yes, but that’s just the way we are.

Documents provide verifiable proof of statements made by people, which, without proof, can sound questionable, especially with regard to Narconon. Our first reaction to a lot of the information we have obtained was a shocked, “How can this be?” Yet the documents prove it.

Documents can be obtained from public sources through Open Records Requests, and from private sources such as litigants, lawyers, and individuals who have produced them. Open Records Requests can be used to obtain documents from courts, government licensing and consumer agencies, and state-sponsored educational facilities. We have produced a primer on how to do an Open Records Request to assist you if you want to help by providing documents to us. If you already have documents you want to give us, please contact us and we will give you a way for you to send them to us.

Information can come from many places – other people, articles in the newspaper and magazines, forums and blogs, the real world, friends, and your first hand experiences. Information often leads to something that is verifiable, or an incident that can be tracked down and documented. At the very least, information can help to fill in the gaps in our knowledge. If you’d like to give us some information about something related to the subject of this site – Narconon, drug rehabs in general, or substance abuse – please contact us.

Narconon Survey
If you’ve been to a Narconon, or another rehab that uses the same L. Ron Hubbard methods and coursework that Narconon does, please take the Narconon Survey. If you choose to make your answers public, as we hope you will do, your answers will be added to the site after all personally identifying information has been removed. If you choose not to make your answers public, the information will still help us with collecting statistics about Narconon in general, such as satisfaction levels, facility conditions, costs, and the like. You can take a look at our existing Narconon Survey Responses, to see how your answers will be displayed on this site.

Write for us!
Help us out by writing one or more articles or posts for our blog. The Narconon Reviews blog is used for breaking news, updates to the site, new research in our subject matter, and opinion pieces, among other things. We are looking for potential authors who can shed light on our subject matter, and we would love to publish pieces written by knowledgeable people for our visitors and audience. Please contact us if you are interested in writing for us.

If you’re not interested or up to writing a complete article or post for our blog, commenting on existing blog posts will also help. Volunteer authors generally get a charge out of knowing their writing is appreciated, and your comments will encourage them to write more.

Link to Us!
If you have a website, a blog, or participate in online discussions, we hope you will link to us so others can find and use our information. You may be involved on a forum that discusses addiction and recovery issues, Scientology-related topics, health care or health care fraud, insurance issues, or one of the many different topics of discussion where this information might be of interest. Just please don’t spam! If you want to add a link to us on a discussion forum, please make sure the rules say it’s ok to post links before you do.

Unfortunately, many of the documents we get cost money to obtain, and the site costs money to host and maintain. We are aware of a number of documents, many from court cases, that we would like to have, but cannot obtain yet due to lack of funds. We may occasionally have fund raisers for specific “hot” documents, which will appear on our sidebar menu, but we almost always have a running list of documents we want and where to obtain them. Here are the current Documents We Want.

You can send us a donation flagged for any particular set of documents, or purchase the documents yourself and send them to us. Contact us for more information on how to donate, or send documents to us. If you want to help keep the site online, you can donate to our web hosting fees.

All money donations will go toward efforts of our choosing, depending on the needs at the moment, unless you specify something in particular that you want your donations to fund.

Buy something you might have bought anyway!
In the future, we will be adding affiliate links for different online vendors, who pay a small commission on purchases, if made after clicking our links. Your purchase price will be the same. That way, you’ll get something you want, and help support us at the same time! What could be better?!

Did we miss anything?
Can you think of something that we haven’t thought of yet? Contact us and let us know!