About Narconon Reviews

Our Mission
Narconon Reviews hopes to provide the public with the following:

Information necessary to make an educated decision in choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility
From our documents, which we archive and make available through links on most pages in our sidebar menu, to our suggestions about choosing a rehab, researching a rehab, and how to check credentials and licensing, we hope this information will help you to be a savvy purchaser of substance abuse rehabilitation services.
Guidance to people in how to proceed if you are unhappy with services you have received from Narconon
Former clients of Narconon face many challenges when they are unhappy with the services they’ve received. We address the possible issues that someone who has been to Narconon may be facing; how to get a refund; and how and where to make complaints about Narconon. We list government agencies, consumer agencies, and internet sites that specialize in accepting consumer complaints of fraud and abuse.
Information for professional, academic, governmental, media, and interested individual researchers
As more people hear about Narconon, there is a need for information about Narconon, rehabs, and substance abuse in general. We have information for you whether you are professionally involved in researching or investigating Narconon, or just have a curiosity or casual interest. We have a primer on doing Open Records Requests, and other recommended sites for people doing research, all of which contain information transferable to other types of research as well.

About our Information
Our documents form the majority of our information, and are mostly created by others who have had first hand experience with Narconon. We feel that this type of information is worth more than the often shocking but accurate hearsay, to which this information lends authenticity. We categorize our documents into two basic types, Documented and Empirical, with additional categories under those. Read Narconon Documentation to learn more about the different types of information we collect.

About Us
We are a small but passionate group of volunteers who repeatedly heard worrisome stories about Narconon. We set out to determine if the stories we were hearing were true, and began collecting our own documents, then looked around the web to see what else there was. What we found were small collections of documents and other information scattered around the internet which corroborated what we had heard, but were difficult to keep track of. We decided to collect these documents and add them to our own growing collection. We saw confusion surrounding Narconon among those who had been there, felt cheated or worse, and lacked the knowledge or resources to complain or get their money refunded; and we saw new customers signing on with Narconon through an elaborate network of referral sites posing as being unbiased when they are not. We decided to do something about that too, and Narconon Reviews was born.

Welcome to Narconon Reviews.